Fortnite players find ingenious way to open the Seven's vaults using chickens

Chickens shall reign supreme in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via Fortnite Hub/YouTube)
Chickens shall reign supreme in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via Fortnite Hub/YouTube)

Vaults are back in Fortnite Chapter 3. They are straightforward to unlock and give players amazing early-game loot. The only catch is that two players are needed to unlock them. Luckily enough, a small exploit has already been discovered.

Solo players can unlock vaults by using a downed Seven Sentry NPC. The scanner is tricked into thinking it's another player. Thus the vault opens without much fuss and players can enjoy their loot.

However, there seems to be a third way to open vaults. It's unclear if this was intentional, but it would seem that chickens somehow count as players in Fortnite Chapter 3.

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Fortnite Chapter 3 has confirmed chicken supremacy

Chickens have always been useful in-game. From the moment they were introduced, players found ways to exploit them for mobility. While mobility glitches have been fixed, they can now be used to unlock vaults.

Even though this rather bizarre mechanism is comical, it is useful. Given that vaults require two players to unlock, being able to use a chicken for the task comes in handy. This allows for numerous tactical options.

For instance, during a duos match, if the teammate and Seven Sentry NPCs have both been eliminated, players will still be able to open vaults. While these are situational scenarios, they allow players the freedom of choice. Being able to open them in numerous ways is invaluable to securing a Victory Royale.

The "chicken glitch" is good, Epic Games' in-game design is bad

As with most glitches in Fortnite, the community absolutely loves it. Aside from it being comical, it's useful as well. However, with more players discovering this glitch, it's left to be seen if Epic Games patches it after the first major update.

Setting aside laughs and jokes, there is an unlying problem in-game. According to many community members, Epic Games "doesn't care" about solo players. While this may not be the case, there is proof to back up their statement.

Given that solo mode exists in Fortnite Chapter 3, needing two players to open the vault makes no sense. Those aware of the glitch will be able to execute the task, however, others will be left loot-less.

Hopefully, Epic Games will remedy this situation soon. Given that solo mode is as popular as duos, trios and squads, vaults should be accessible to everyone without having to use a glitch.

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