Fortnite players will be able to ride dinosaurs, wolves, and more soon

Ridable animals in Fortnite (Image via SamJam/YouTube)
Ridable animals in Fortnite (Image via SamJam/YouTube)

Animals in Fortnite were a relatively new addition when they arrived back in Chapter 2 Season 6. Fortunately, the developers decided to keep them even after the "Primal" season was over.

Along with the arrival of these animals, leaks had also suggested that players could ride them, and it seems like the wait for this feature is finally over.

After two long seasons, Fortnite players will finally be able to ride dinosaurs, wolves, and other animals. When this feature was previously leaked, it was still in early development. Therefore, it took developers a few months to introduce it into the game.

However, based on the latest leaks, it seems like Epic Games is ready to roll out this feature in Chapter 2 Season 8.

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Fresh leaks about ridable animals in Fortnite have surfaced. These further explain how the feature will work and all the things players can do with the animals.

Fortnite ridable animal leaks in Chapter 2 Season 8

The basic requirement to ride any animal in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, will be a saddle. Gamers will probably be able to find saddles in random loot or chests. They will be able to use these on animals such as dinosaurs and wolves to ride them.

Unfortunately, ridable animals in Fortnite will only work as a new mode of transport. Users will not be able to aim or shoot while riding an animal. Moreover, they will have to get off to perform various other actions, such as searching and building.

Although loopers cannot shoot while they have mounted a ridable animal in Fortnite, they can use the animal itself to attack enemies. However, this can only be done as long as the animal is aggressive.

NPC can also ride animals in Fortnite

One of the most exciting details in the Fortnite ridable animal leaks was that NPCs could also ride animals. The leaks mention "Bots can ride animals", and the game currently has no bots except for NPCs.

It would be interesting to see how Fortnite NPCs will use the ridable animals in-game. However, players have given mixed reviews to this feature, so fans will have to wait till it comes out to see how it actually works.

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