Fortnite players start to worry as they miss Party Royale concerts and events

Players start to worry as no signs of Party Royale returning are there (Image via Sportskeeda)
Players start to worry as no signs of Party Royale returning are there (Image via Sportskeeda)
Rishabh Sabarwal

Party Royale is an evolving space in Fortnite where loopers from different regions can enjoy minigames, join various events, concerts, and movies, and play with friends. The concept of combat and action is removed in this game mode, creating a more peaceful and joyful vibe.

The majority of loopers join Party Royale to attend different live events hosted by various artists. Party Royale can also be used to find new online friends in Fortnite and hold friendly conversions with them that may later escalate into playing a few matches.

However, it was identified that Party Royale was recently removed from the game modes with no information on its return. It has been disabled, and loopers are now worried about experiencing the rest of Fortnite without Party Royale.

Players react to Party Royale being disabled from Fortnite


Party Royale has now been recently disabled in-game, leaving loopers to worry and wonder about its return. Players are now devastated as Party Royale was a good addition to Fortnite, where they had fun and enjoyed time with their friends.

Me checking Twitter for any notifications of Party Royale returning .Yes I play Party Royale to end my day.#Fortnite #FortniteChapter3Season2
@FortniteGame @emicida Where will it be without PARTY Royale? 🤨 It's the only reason most people even "play" this season. How can we socialize?

Some loopers are also wondering whether regular concerts or events will be held after the removal of Party Royale. Other players speculate that Epic will be working on modifying the island to make it broader and add a new range of items.


A proportion of the player-base sought Party Royale to be the main hub for socializing and communicating with new loopers. This cannot be done now and would leave these loopers in distress if they could ever experience it again.

Some map creators took this as an opportunity to build their own idealistic Party Royale and attract other players to join and play.

How was Party Royale important in Fortnite?


Party Royale was added in-game during Chapter 2 Season 2 of v12.50. As it was recently released, it had limited options, though it was intriguing and fun for the community. Players were also allowed to queue in for Battle Royale matches in the game mode.

It creates the purpose of finding new loopers to team up with and enjoy minigames that don't include fighting and building. It is also a hub for various events. There were multiple concerts by artists like Steve Aoki, Dillon Francis, deadmau5, etc., that players could attend.

It has a unique map and is comparatively smaller than the current looped island. This game mode allows loopers to enjoy being outside the sweat and combat arena to either cool down or experience the game in another way.

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