Fortnite Refer-a-Friend program explained: What is referee and how to get rewards?

The Fortnite Refer-a-Friend program rewards players with amazing cosmetic items (Image via Epic Games)
The Fortnite Refer-a-Friend program rewards players with amazing cosmetic items (Image via Epic Games)

The Fortnite Refer-a-Friend program is Epic Games' way of rewarding users who bring their friends to the popular video game. The program is usually active once or twice a year and lasts for a few months.

The Fortnite Battle Royale developer recently released a new pack of cosmetic items that can be obtained this way. It includes the Xander outfit and its matching accessories.

Many loopers are confused about the Fortnite Refer-a-Friend program and are unsure how to enroll in it. Such people can read on for an explanation about the same and how to unlock the exclusive skin.

Fortnite Refer-a-Friend program is an excellent opportunity to win exclusive cosmetic items

The Fortnite Refer-a-Friend 2022 program recently came out. It allows gamers to bring their friends to the title and earn several exclusive cosmetic items. To get started with the program, they can visit the official website.

However, obtaining these items will take quite some time as readers will have to complete specific challenges with the friend they refer. The referred friend is called a referee, and these are the challenges they will have to complete:

  • Create a connection: Invite your friend to the game and add them as your in-game friend.
  • Play 1 game in Fortnite with a referee: Invite your friend to the lobby and get into a match together.
  • Place Top 10 6 times with your referee: Play at least six games in which you make it to the Top 10.
  • Eliminate 45 opponents with your referee: Earn 45 eliminations with the friend that you refer to the game.
  • Gain plus 60 levels on your own and wait for your referee to gain plus 60 levels, too: You and your friend both have to achieve 60 levels from the moment you start playing.

The last part of the Fortnite Refer-a-Friend program may sound confusing, but it requires both players to level up 60 times. For example, if someone refers a friend while at level 50, they have to reach level 110 in the current season, and the friend will have to reach level 61.

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It's also important to note that the challenges will carry over to the next season. In the scenario above, users can reach level 90 in the current season and level 21 next season, and they will complete the challenge.

Other important notes

The Fortnite Refer-a-Friend program ends on January 10, 2023, at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. This is the deadline to bring friends to the video game, and loopers will not be able to share invite links after that.

The challenges will disappear on February 19 at 11:59 pm, which basically means that they have around six months to invite a friend and complete a set of challenges. These challenges can be finished in both classic and Zero Build game modes.

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Aside from the Xander outfit, gamers will also receive an exclusive spray and wrap. The placement and elimination challenges reward a back bling and pickaxes.

Besides newbies, they can also refer existing users if they have played less than two hours of classic or Zero Build modes in the last 30 days.

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