How to get Xander skin in Fortnite for free

Fortnite players can unlock the Xander skin for free (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite players can unlock the Xander skin for free (Image via Sportskeeda)

Epic Games will soon release the Xander skin in Fortnite Battle Royale. Players will be able to unlock this skin for free by completing a few simple tasks.

The Fortnite creator has released many free cosmetic items into the game during Chapter 3 Season 3, and it will likely not change anytime soon. Cosmetic items can be earned by completing challenges and also by playing Fall Guys.

The Fall Guys collaboration has brought the Major Mancake skin to Fortnite, but if players do not like it, they can wait for Xander to come out soon.

If you are wondering how to unlock the Xander skin in Fortnite Battle Royale, this guide will explain it.

Unlocking the Xander skin in Fortnite is easy

Epic Games released the v21.20 update for Fortnite Battle Royale on Wednesday, June 6. The update was originally scheduled to be released on Tuesday, but the game's developers postponed it for some reason.

This was a major update that has added a lot of new content to the game. As soon as it was released, Fortnite leakers found many interesting additions that Epic Games has released, sharing them all over social media.

In addition to gameplay and map changes, Epic has also released many new cosmetic items with the latest Fortnite update. One cosmetic item that stands out is the Xander skin, which will be completely free!

I believe the "Xander" outfit will be part of another "Refer-A-Friend" event

As is evident from the tweet above, the Xander skin looks nice and simple, which is why we expect a lot of Fortnite players to unlock it. Unfortunately, players will have to team up with their friends in order to unlock this exclusive outfit.

Xander will be a part of Fortnite's Refer-A-Friend program. Earning free cosmetic items through this program is very simple, but it usually requires a lot of time.

Here is how Fortnite players will be able to unlock the Xander skin when it comes out:

  • Sign up on the Refer a Friend website with an Epic Games account
  • Invite up to five different players through the program
  • Once players accept the invite, team up with them in the game
  • Complete challenges together to unlock the Xander skin

Inviting friends through the Refer-a-Friend program does not always have to be done with new accounts. If you have a friend who has not played for over two hours in the last 30 days, you will be able to invite them and complete the challenges together.

Challenges and useful tricks to complete them

At the moment, no one knows what the new challenges are going to be for this program. However, you can expect Epic Games to include a few more cosmetic items to make them unlockable through new challenges.

In the last round of the Refer-A-Friend program, players earned a loading screen simply by adding a friend. Players have to play a game together to unlock an exclusive wrap, while the requirement for winning a glider was being placed in Top 10 three different times.

The new Xander outfit seems to be a Refer-A-Friend reward!(via @iFireMonkey) #Fortnite

The Rainbow Racer outfit required both players to level up 60 times to unlock it, which was very time consuming.

Fortunately, players have access to Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now. If you need a quick way to complete these challenges, you can simply create a new account, refer yourself, and complete the challenges!

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