Fortnite's Donald Mustard sends a cryptic new teaser: Paris

Star Wars crossover has been teased again (Image via Wookipedia)
Star Wars crossover has been teased again (Image via Wookipedia)
Zachary Roberts

Every Donald Mustard tweet has a very good chance of being linked to Fortnite. That means everything, including a tiny image in the background of a photo he might post. Anything and everything could be a tease for something to come later.

Usually, Mustard sends out multiple confusing tweets, including one that just said,

"Ahh, Paris..."

Now, fans have rightfully begun questioning what it might mean. There are three tweets that seem to be related, none of which are clear as to what they mean.

Donald Mustard might be teasing Fortnite changes on Twitter again

Mustard took to Twitter to potentially tease Fortnite players with new information. On the other hand, he might literally be teasing them because he knows they watch his every move with eagle-eyed intensity.

Whatever the reason, Mustard has been very active on Twitter recently, sharing a few very cryptic tweets. One of them holds a very interesting image and the other just talks more about Paris.

Sooooo many secrets here…

This appears to be some sort of street art in Paris, or a mural of some kind. The tweet doesn't have a location attached to it, but Mustard did reply to it and confirmed that it is some sort of Parisian art.

Paris is my favorite place.

He posted the original photo with the caption:

"Sooooo many secrets here…"

It is an obvious implication that the image contains something that's coming to Fortnite. While anything could technically be the intended point of the photo, it seems like a clear Star Wars reference.

Chewbacca and C3PO, two staples of the Star Wars franchise, are seen in pixelated form on the side of the building. Star Wars has crossed over with Fortnite a few times before and there are several reasons to believe another one is coming soon.

Last season, Donald Mustard posted another tease for Star Wars, which led many to question whether or not Chapter 3 Season 2 was going to be fully collaborative.

Another cryptic image (Image via DonaldMustard on Twitter)
Another cryptic image (Image via DonaldMustard on Twitter)

Additionally, Fortnite dataminers have found that the lightsabers were back in the files and are likely going to be reintroduced sometime soon. The Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney Plus show is also airing in a couple of months, which might get a collaboration.

Donald Mustard continues to add fuel to the fire regarding those rumors. The importance of Paris in this or any scenario for the game is currently unclear, but it more than likely means something. Time will tell if and when Paris or Star Wars will make their way into the game.

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