Fortnite School of Llama allows players to earn free cosmetics for a limited time

Fortnite School of Llama
The latest Fortnite quest event brings exciting rewards for players to win (Image via Epic Games)

Instead of a major update today, Fortnite chose to bring a crucial collaboration in full swing with several in-game weekly quests and an entirely new challenge event. The Geralt of Rivia is here to be unlocked by loopers and offers several rewards for completing these quests.

Those who own the Battle Pass can successfully see new quests to unlock The Witcher from the bonus rewards tab. These are certain in-game cosmetics they can unlock upon completing a set of quests.

However, those who do not own the pass can also unlock The Witcher-themed cosmetics through a brand new questline event on the Fortnite website called School of Llama. The official website is now live, and players can register on it. However, these quests are active for a limited time. Here's how you can get all the free cosmetics from the questline in Fortnite Chapter 4.

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Fortnite School of Llama brings The Witcher-themed free cosmetics for players

The School of Llama is a brand new event that is now live on the Fortnite website for players to activate on their accounts. To begin with, head to and log in to your Epic Account. Once done, click the Let's Go button to view the main quest page.

Challenges containing four paths - Path 1 are available now on the website, while Paths 2, 3, and 4 will become available over the coming weeks. As players succeed on each path, they'll be challenged with in-game tasks that can only be completed in Battle Royale and Zero Build game modes.

Finishing a task unlocks the next one, until they reach an obstacle, which is a specific creator-made island. Players can progress past the obstacle by completing the island’s challenges. However, there are five total creator-made islands, each centered on a particular School of Llama banner.

As for the paths, they will be available until the end of Chapter 4 Season 1, which concludes on March 10, 2023, at 11:59 pm ET. However, players do not need to complete one path to unlock the other. Here's a list of when all the paths will unlock:

  • Path 1: Available now
  • Path 2: Becomes available on February 14 at 4 am ET
  • Path 3: Becomes available on February 21 at 4 am ET
  • Path 4: Becomes available on February 28 at 4 am ET

Each Path has one task with an in-game reward of 20,000 XP that comes with a final task. Upon completing the final task, they can get an in-game cosmetic for free. Here's a list of rewards you can get upon completing each path:

  • Path 1 main reward: Witcher's Silver Sword in-game cosmetic pickaxe
  • Path 2 main reward: Geralt of Rivia Lobby Track (Composed by Marcin Przybyłowicz)
  • Path 3 main reward: 80,000 Fortnite XP
  • Path 4 main reward: 80,000 Fortnite XP

But wait, there's more - players can also get two additional rewards if they have successfully been granted the main rewards for all four paths. These include the School of the Manticore Emoticon and School of the Wolf Spray.

Additionally, if players successfully complete all the tasks on a particular path, they will be granted four additional rewards. They are:

  • Path 1 reward: School of the Cat Emoticon
  • Path 2 reward: School of the Griffin Emoticon
  • Path 3 reward: School of the Viper Emoticon
  • Path 4 reward: School of the Bear Emoticon

These were some of the path-wise rewards you can get for free as you complete the School of Llama questline. However, there are certain free items that are limited time & won't be in the item shop that you can get upon completing challenges on each creator-made island in Creative game mode:

  • AXII Challenge island reward: AXII Sign Banner Icon
  • QUEN Challenge island reward: QUEN Sign Banner Icon
  • AARD Challenge island reward: AARD Sign Banner Icon
  • IGNI Challenge island reward: IGNI Sign Banner Icon
  • YRDEN Challenge island reward: YRDEN Sign Banner Icon

Additionally, upon completing all the quests on every creator-made island, players will be granted a free School of Llama Emoticon, which is extremely rare. These quests are now live on the website. So players, lift up your swords and ride with The Witcher around the island, completing these Fortnite Challenges.

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