Fortnite Season 6: All Epic and Exotic weapons players can buy with gold bars

Fortnite Season 6: All Epic and Exotic weapons (Image via YouTube, GuadaFN)
Fortnite Season 6: All Epic and Exotic weapons (Image via YouTube, GuadaFN)

Fortnite Season 6 introduced players to a crafting system that allowed them to upgrade and craft more powerful variants of either Primal or Mechanical weapons in-game.

Of course, a good alternative would be to just open chests, or search for floor loot to pick up weapons, after the loot balances were introduced to the game recently. However, players that want to get their hands on some of the more Exotic and Epic weapons in-game will have to rack up a lot of gold.

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The Island in Fortnite Season 6, is chock-full of NPCs that sell overpowered weapons to players willing to spend gold to buy them. Despite them being hard to come by in-game, they offer great perks and bonuses to players.

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The most recent Exotic weapon, the Grappler Bow, was added in Fortnite Season 6, allowing players to travel 50m in one go. When timed correctly, players can mitigate fall damage from any height or orientation.

There are a total of 12 weapons that players can obtain in-game from NPCs. For the sake of simplicity, this guide will just focus on Epic and Exotic weapons that can be bought with gold bars.

Epic and Exotic Weapons players can buy with gold bars in Fortnite Season 6

Epic Weapons:

There are 5 Epic weapons that players can buy in-game from NPCs.

  • #1 Bandolette - Located at Flushed Factory. Sells Pump Shotgun (Epic) for 95 gold.
  • #5 Tess - Located at Dirty Docks. Sells Assault Rifle (Epic) for 95 gold.
  • #14 Snow Sniper - Located at Retail Row. Sells Primal Stink Bow (Epic) for 245 gold.
  • #18 Splode - Located at Unremarkable Shack. Sells Rocket Launcher (Epic) for 580 gold.
  • #46 Zenith - Located at Weather Station. Kill for Assault Rifle (Epic)

Exotic Weapons

There are 5 Exotic weapons that players can buy in-game from NPCs.

  • #2 Gutbomb - Located at Durr Burger. Sells Hop Rock Dualies (Exotic) for 500 gold
  • #7 Burnout - Located at Steamy Stacks. Sells The Dub (Exotic) for 600 gold
  • #27 Lara Croft - Located at Stealthy Stronghold. Sells Grappler Bow (Exotic) for 500 gold
  • #35 Slurp Jonesy - Located at Slurpy Swamp - Sells Chug Cannon (Exotic) for 600 gold
  • #42 Power Chord - Located at Apres Ski. Sells Shadow Tracker (Exotic) for 400 gold

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