Fortnite Season 8 XP grind is fun for some players, and for others, it's a nightmare

Fortnite Season 8 XP grind is taking away the joy of the game (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)
Fortnite Season 8 XP grind is taking away the joy of the game (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)
Matthew Wilkins

The Fortnite Season 8 XP grind is perhaps one of the biggest opinionated issues out there at the moment. With so many things in-game to check off the list, for some players, the experience is more like grocery shopping than playing Battle Royale.

Be that as it may, some players not only enjoy the grind but have eventually embraced it as a way of life. While it's not that difficult given the recent XP buffs, not everyone is a happy looper.

Fortnite Season 8 XP grind is stopping players from enjoying the game

Fortnite Season 8 XP grind is one of those things that feels overlooked. Despite the massive buffs that Epic Games provided after the fierce backlash from the community, nothing seems to have changed in the grand scheme of things.

It would seem that for most players, the only reason they play the game and grind is that they bought a Battle Pass. They are now obligated to level up and unlock cosmetics to justify the amount of money spent.

While there are a lot of Fortnite players that do indeed play without a Battle Pass, they are not really obligated to level up as there are not many freebies to be claimed.

Furthermore, winning or playing BR mode doesn't feel rewarding anymore. In days gone by, getting a Victory Royale meant something; now, it just feels more like a secondary achievement after completing objectives in the match.

To put this into a better perspective, winning a match without completing challenges will yield the same amount of experience points as camping on a turret. It's almost as if playing matches and winning is of little or no use. A user by the name yirmin wrote:

"Winning doesn't really matter anymore in Fortnite. Today I spent between 15 and 20 minutes on a game that I won; my XP haul was pretty much the same as in a game where I just landed near a turret in the sideways and blasted away until I was killed in about five minutes. Frankly, I just don't understand the stupidity of how little XP they give you when you spend the time to win. Are they trying to convince people not to even bother trying to win?"

Truth be told, the Fortnite Season 8 XP grind is so bad that once players complete challenges, the only thing left to do is either grind the Impostor LTM (which was nerfed) or play creative for 75 minutes daily.

The entire thrill of winning matches has been taken away due to the lack of XP gained at the end. At the moment, players with a limited amount of time can level up faster simply by staying AFK in creative. Suffice to say, playing the actual Fortnite BR mode has all but stopped being rewarding. Hopefully, Epic Games will remedy this problem sooner rather than later.

Note: This article reflects the author's views and those of the Fortnite community.

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