Fortnite Shadow Midas may have become the Cube Queen's puppet

"You're just a player in my show." - Cube Queen (Image via Sportskeeda)
"You're just a player in my show." - Cube Queen (Image via Sportskeeda)

Shadow Midas has returned, back from the dead to once more impose his rule on the island. After failing to extract vengeance during Fortnitemares 2020, he's probably up to no good again. From trying to break the loop to hacking the reboot system, he has gone from anti-hero to diabolically evil. However, it may not be his fault.

After being resurrected, perhaps Midas became a mere puppet, being used to sow chaos and destruction. Though he could be considered a villain, he would never stoop to such lows to gain power. Something or someone may be pulling the strings and commanding him.

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Is Shadow Midas being influenced by the Cube Queen?

Midas was a crime boss. He formed the First Shadows and dreamt of breaking the loop. His criminal empire was built from scratch and everything he did was to overthrow the Imagined Order. However, Shadow Midas is very different.

After being resurrected by an occult ritual, everything about him changed. He was no longer Midas, the Golden Mischief Maker, but Shadow Midas. The golden touch was replaced by a pulsating purple aura. Something similar to that of the Purple Cubes. Could it be that he is being controlled by the Cube Queen?

If she can control the Purple Cubes with a fraction of the Golden Cubes' power, controlling Shadow Midas would be child's play. Though this is speculation at the moment, it offers a plausible explanation. If everything in the storyline thus far has been preordained, the Queen killing and resurrecting Midas to use him as a pawn makes sense.

What is Shadow Midas planning this time around?

There's nothing much for Shadow Midas to do this time around. Cubetown is expanding, corruption is spreading, and reality is about to come crashing down. For once, rather than actively trying to bring ruination to the island, he can simply kick back and enjoy the show.

Midas Rex and beyond

With Midas dead and Shadow Midas having no role to play, only Midas Rex remains. Based on rumors and fan theories, he could bring elements of ancient Egypt to the game next season. Given his mysterious past and association with a Sun God called Aton, there's more than meets the eye at the moment.

For now, all that remains is speculation. Perhaps the developers will renew Midas' storyline or maybe introduce "Rex" into the fold. With reality supposedly ending and Chapter 3 beginning, the possibilities are endless.

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