Fortnite Summer Event 2022: Everything you need to know

An old Fortnite summer (Image via Epic Games)
An old Fortnite summer (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite often hosts events during the summer to give players a chance at more XP and to update their game just a little to give it more of a summer vibe. This season, it will be a little ironic since the theme of Chapter 3 Season 3 is already "Vibin". This is an event that has also featured new characters in the past.

Summer variants of Midas, Brutus, Rose and others were added in the previous year, so there might be new versions of familiar characters again this year. While there's no information on whether Epic is planning this for the current season's NPCs, it's not unprecedented.


The event is expected to be added in v21.10, which will take place next week. It could fall the week after, but it is coming sooner rather than later. Here's what players need to know.

A complete guide to 2022's Fortnite Summer Event

Much of this event is being kept under wraps. Epic Games has not leaked a whole lot of information yet regarding the event, though they did confirm that it is coming. In a tweet regarding the mass complaints about the XP system, FortniteStatus confirmed a summer event.

We've heard your concerns about XP. While there’s new quests in 21.10 and events to earn XP all summer, we also want to make things feel better now.So we've doubled Accolade XP, as well as granted players a boost of Supercharged XP, to keep the good vibes going!

Another thing that is all but confirmed is the reappearance of the surfboard vehicle. This is an item that has been used for transportation in the past and has been retextured as a summer theme and added back to the game files.

This essentially means that it's in the game waiting for activation. Whenever Epic chooses to do that, most likely at the start of the summer event, the board will be found in the game.

A second thing leakers found in the files is a potential reward for a challenge. There is a peace spray that was found in the files with a "quest" tag, indicating that it will be attached to a challenge of some sort.

Peace spray (Image via iFireMonkey on Twitter)
Peace spray (Image via iFireMonkey on Twitter)

Regarding the challenges, the ones that will be released with the event are currently unknown. It's not even clear whether or not they'll be in Creative, Battle Royale or even Save the World.

Another thing that Fortnite gamers should know is that this event is also marked by a typical vacation for Epic Games employees. They work around the clock all year long to keep the game running smoothly and are probably going to be given a well-deserved break.

This means that once the event starts, there will be a lot less attention on the game. Challenges will be released and won't see many modifications since no one is there to edit or change them.

This also means that glitches that crop up during that time will likely be there for a little while. The game isn't going to go completely hands-off, but it will have a lot less supervision.

It should be noted that aside from the existence of the summer event, everything is based on leaks and speculation.

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