Fortnite Synapse station location: Where to establish device uplink in Chapter 3 Season 2

Synapse Station (Image via Fortnite Wiki)
Synapse Station (Image via Fortnite Wiki)

Every week, Fortnite players get new Resistance quests. Initially, they were part of the effort to get building back on the island, but now they're just used to progressing the storyline. Each time there are new challenges, they have to visit a new location and "establish device uplink."

This week, gamers need to establish the uplink "near Synapse Station." Here's where Fortnite Synapse Station is located and which exact spots have the device's uplink options.

Fortnite Synapse Station: Where it is and where to establish device uplink

Fortnite Synapse Station is located at the bottom of the map. It's a brand new POI for Chapter 3 Season 2. Last season, the area was patrolled by Haven and saw a Klombo frequently spawn there.

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Now, it's a sprawling POI that is home to The Scientist. It can be found south of Greasy Grove and is very close (just to the west of) to Chonker's Speedway.

Fortnite Synapse Station (Image via
Fortnite Synapse Station (Image via

Players can go there for many reasons, but the three spots around there will satisfy the requirements for the challenge and move them to the next stage. The first device uplink option can be found underneath a small rock overpass in the northeast corner of the POI.

The second and third options are a little bit more challenging to find, so the first option is probably the best. The second option is in the middle of the POI, but to the northernmost point. It's almost at the blue and red lines that are present.

The third option is to the left of the pond on the left side of the POI. Gamers only need to visit one of the three and establish the uplink. They will then be challenged to use a disguise kit and then place a weapons schematic in Fortnite Synapse Station.

The disguise kit can be found very close to where the first device uplink is. There will be a note on the map for it. The weapons scheme can be placed in the middle of the main building.

There will be a glowing spot on the ground where loopers will need to interact to satisfy the requirement. After that, they will have completed this week's resistance challenges and will be awarded a good amount of Chapter 3 Season 2 XP.

The challenges went live a couple of days ago, so players can hop in and complete them whenever they want.

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