Fortnite: The oldest member of The Seven wants to retire

The Visitor could be looking to retire in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
The Visitor could be looking to retire in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

The Seven is a group of seven interdimensional beings in the Fortnite universe, working to gain control of the Zero Point from the Imagined Order (IO). As of now, all the members of The Seven have finally been revealed. However, one of them is looking to retire.

The Seven have waged a long and moderately successful campaign against the Imagined Order. However, one of the most important members of the IO, Geno, is still elusive.

Towards the end of the live event last season, The Foundation and Jonesy jumped into the Zero Point the moment it locked onto Geno's location, but no one knows where they are right now and how far they've progressed. That said, something else is brewing on the island while they're away on their mission in Fortnite.

The Visitor could be looking to retire in Fortnite

The Visitor wants to retire and become the Permanent Resident😥…

The Visitor is one of the oldest members of The Seven. He was the organization's first member to visit the island during Chapter 1, and he's been coming and going ever since. However, current information suggests that The Visitor could be looking to retire.

Information about his probable retirement was hidden in his voice lines during the current season of Fortnite. When players interact with The Visitor NPC on the island, he responds with lines like, "I don't know. Maybe it's time for me to retire," and "You'd feel the peace of this place if you sat still for a second."

These lines are enough to indicate that The Visitor is indeed done with all his adventures and is looking to lead a life of calm and quiet, away from all the intense action that the Fortnite island usually sees.

However, there are a few questions that still need to be answered. Who will replace The Visitor if he retires? What happens to The Seven's quest for Geno? The Seven have been looking for Geno for a long while now, and he's almost within their reach. Would The Visitor retire before they achieved their goal of hunting this individual down?


To answer the first question, Jonesy is a good candidate, and he's already received the title of The Legend, so it wouldn't be unlikely to see Jonesy stepping up and joining The Seven. Moreover, he's had good relations with The Foundation, the organization's current leader, making his position in the group even stronger.

When it comes to Geno, it's unlikely that he'll be able to run any further because The Foundation and Jonesy have him in their sights and are hot on his trail in Fortnite. Right now, capturing Geno is only a matter of time. If The Visitor does want to stay on the island and retire, it might be a good thing for the inhabitants of the islands to begin with.

All the members of The Seven are very strong individually, and for some reason, the Zero Point has remained on the island. If The Visitor actually wants to retire and settle down on the island, he'll be able to guard the Zero Point in Fortnite for good. That said, no one really knows if he'll retire at this point. He's thinking about it, that's for sure, but it's unlikely that The Visitor will hang up his boots any time soon.

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