Fortnite Unblocked: How to play Fortnite on blocked devices

Fortnite unblocked: How to play Fortnite on blocked devices (Image via Epic Games, Fortnite)
Fortnite unblocked: How to play Fortnite on blocked devices (Image via Epic Games, Fortnite)
Matthew Wilkins

Fortnite Unblocked has become one of the most commonly searched queries on the internet, and with good reason. With a large audience of kids playing the game regularly, parents and institutions are being forced to block the game on their devices.

It's not just parents and institutions, but a lot of offices as well block games on devices in an attempt to help employees focus. However, with the introduction of VPNs, getting Fortnite Unblocked from devices has become easier than ever before.

Fortnite has a huge player base worldwide and it keeps growing with each passing day. According to data, as of May 2020, Fortnite Battle Royale has over 350 million registered users.

The game was initially released in 2017 and received a lot of attention from gamers. Since its launch, Fortnite has grown in terms of size and scope, with three distinct modes, namely:

  • Fortnite: Save The World
  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Fortnite Creative

Fortnite Battle Royale and Creative are free to play while Save The World is a premium mode. Epic Games, under Donald Mustard's creative leadership, has taken the concept of Battle Royale and morphed it into something truly spectacular.

With new content being added to the game regularly, bi-weekly updates, and countless collaborations in terms of comics, cosmetics, and even digital concerts, it's no wonder that many schools and colleges have blocked Fortnite.

However, fear not, there is an easy way to bypass this and get Fortnite Unblocked across all devices. It may take a few attempts to get it right, but once it's working, the game should continue to run until it has been manually blocked on the device again.

Getting Fortnite Unblocked on all devices

Step #1

Download and install any Free Virtual Private Network (VPN) onto the device the game is to be played on.

Step #2

After installing the VPN, connect to any server which has low latency and fast speeds.

Step #3

The game should work without issue, however, given the nature of VPNs, there is a small chance that the game's own server may reject the device's IP address.

If all the steps are followed correctly, users should have Fortnite unblocked in a jiffy.

Disclaimer: Undertaking this method to get Fortnite unblocked on devices is at the user's own risk and neither the writer nor Sportskeeda will take responsibility for any unforeseen circumstances.

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