Fortnite update 17.20 early patch notes: LeBron James skin, alien ground invasion, map changes, and more

How did a Fortnite UFO get underground? (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)
How did a Fortnite UFO get underground? (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)
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There has been no official word from Epic Games about the Fortnite update 17.20. However, according to numerous leakers, the update may be coming out today (July 6th).

Despite no official information, there are plenty of leaks and a lot of information floating about, which can help summarize what players can expect following the update.

So, without further ado, here are a few changes loopers can expect following the Fortnite update 17.20. Before reading further, it's good to note that these changes may be subject to change.

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Fortnite update 17.20 early patch notes

1) LeBron James Icon Series skin

Prominent Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR broke the news of Lebron James becoming the next Icon Series skin in the game.

Based on the information at hand, the skin is due to go live following the update. While an official blog from Epic Games regarding the same was spotted, its content is still not accessible to the public.

2) Alien ground invasion

The official Twitter handle for Fortnite tweeted this a few hours ago, and by all means, it indicates that the alien invasion on the island is intensifying. After abducting NPCs and replacing them with Trespassers, it would seem that now, they are preparing for an all-out attack.

Based on what's known at the moment, there are only three POIs that fall within the island's Western hemisphere, which could be related to the aliens.

Given that Believer Beach already has an alien presence and Coral Castle is set to be destroyed, this only leaves Holly Hedges as a possible candidate for the ground assault following the Fortnite update 17.20.

3) Map changes - Holly Hatchery, Afterparty, and underground POI

According to leakers and data miners, some massive changes, from a possible underground POI to alien nesting sites, are coming to the map following the Fortnite update 17.20.

3.1) Believer Beach

It would seem that following the Fortnite update 17.20, the ongoing party at Believer Beach might have been crashed. As mentioned above, the aliens or perhaps even the IO have taken over the POI.

Nonetheless, it doesn't look like any major changes have occurred in the area.

3.2) Holly Hatchery

As anticipated and confirmed numerous times over, Holly Hedges will indeed become Holly Hatchery.

Following the Fortnite update 17.20, it will become an alien POI, and in addition to parasites and nesting ground, players may encounter other alien NPCs guarding the location.

3.3) Underground POI

An image uncovered a few hours ago showcased a Fortnite UFO buried underground. Although it was seen earlier during the Fortnite Season 7 launch trailer, nothing came of it.

However, it would seem that Epic is now teasing gamers with a potential new underground POI for the Fortnite update 17.20. While it's unclear exactly where this new POI could be located on the island, it has some relevance to the storyline.

4) New weapons and items

According to leakers and data miners, new weapons and items could be coming into the game following the Fortnite update 17.20.

4.1) Inflate-A-Bull

In essence, Inflate-A-Bull is an item that players can use to traverse the map by bouncing about. However, the item can be shot at and deflated by other players.

4.2) Bad News

While leakers have known about "Bad News" for a long time, there is in-game footage of the weapon. Some debate that the gun is a pistol, while others believe that it could be a heavy weapon.

4.3) Alien Nanites

The long-awaited alien Nanites will supposedly be added in-game following the Fortnite update 17.20. According to the description, the item can be used to create low gravity zones and upgrade weapons (alien variants more than likely).

4.4) Gravity Gun

The Gravity Gun was first showcased during the Fortnite Season 7 trailer and may now be getting introduced in-game during the Fortnite update 17.20.

According to the information at hand, the gun does zero damage and will function much like the alien abduction beam used by small Fortnite UFOs.

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