Fortnite x Batman Comic cover reveals a sinister plan unfolding on the Battle Royale island

The Fortnite x Batman Comics reveal some really interesting details
The Fortnite x Batman Comics reveal some really interesting details
Amitesh Dhar

The cover for the fifth issue of the Fortnite x Batman comics has been leaked, and it reveals what looks like a really evil plan. The storyline in the Fortnite x Batman comics is expected to run parallel to that of the game, so whatever developments occur in the comics will occur in the game as well.

Few really interesting conclusions can be drawn from the comics. While the Fortnite community may not be overrun with theories just yet, it does seem to be heading in a really interesting direction.


What does the Fortnite x Batman comic cover reveal about the future of the island?

From the looks of it, Batman and his team are standing over something shiny in what looks like a huge pipe-like structure. Renegade Raider can also be seen in the image.

The shiny orb in the bottom half of the picture strongly resembles the Zero Point. The pink glow around their feet points to a very familiar location that fans have seen previously. Eagle-eyed members of the Fortnite community have come to the conclusion that this location is indeed The Bridge.

The Bridhe happens to be the place from when Jonesy jumped into the multiverse in his quest to recruit the hunters.

Everyone who's been playing the game for a while will know that The Bridge is located at the IO offices. If the spot in the comic cover happens to be The Bridge, then Batman and the team have managed to make their way into the IO offices.

If the IO office has the Zero Point contained here, more questions will come up. The first being, how did it get here? And secondly, if the Zero Point is here, then where is the Foundation?

However, the fifth issue of the Fortnite x Batman comics releases on June 15th, which is a week into the new season. This could mean that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 could either see an extension, or this current storyline could continue in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 as well.

Interestingly enough, the fact that Renegade Raider is here in this picture has triggered a spark in the community. People believe that the Renegade Raider skin will return to the game soon enough. The Renegade Raider skin is one of the oldest skins in Fortnite and is equally rare.

Overall, the upcoming days in Fortnite are looking really interesting. The story is finally shaping up and it's only a matter of time before the big bad of Fortnite is revealed.

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