Fortnite x Marvel comic book leaks shocking truth about Jonesy

Fortnite's most popular character is not as happy as many players thought he was (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite's most popular character is not as happy as many players thought he was (Image via Epic Games)

Jonesy is one of the most popular character in Fortnite. He's been an icon of the game since its release in September 2017 and has played a huge part in its storyline. The Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comics reveal many new details about this character. The latest issue is due on August 17.

Fortnite players know Jonesy as the default skin. However, he is so much more than that. The popular character is important to the entire island, and he's tried his best to save it from those who want to destroy it. Unfortunately, he is very depressed and has been in a horrible situation.

Fiiiinally managed to get my hands on the first two Fortnite x Marvel Zero War comics today!!!

Note: This article contains spoilers from the third issue of the comics.

Jonesy is immortal, but it's a curse

Most Fortnite players know what Jonesy has gone through, thanks to in-game dialogue and live events. However, Epic Games revealed a big part of his story in the third issue of the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comics.

The issue is set to release on August 17, but several pages have been leaked. The leak initially appeared in German, but it has been translated to English.

some Fortnite x Marvel zero war SPOILERS from issue 3 I translated these with google translate so take some of the dialogue with a grain of salt paradigm and jones lore

It turns out that the popular Fortnite character is immortal, but he considers this a curse. As soon as he joined the Imagined Order, he was granted immortality. Unfortunately, this was too much to handle.

Jonesy watched his children grow up and die, which is why he wanted to leave the Imagined Order. This took an emotional toll on him; he wanted to spend some time with his grandchildren and die with them.

Sad Jonesy lore (COMIC SPOILER)๐Ÿ™#1/3When you join the IO you get immortality. Because of this he saw his whole family die one by one."As my children grew old, I told the imagined order that I wanted to go back. That I wanted to die with my grandchildren, whom I barely knew"

However, Dr. Slone reminded him that his family would lose their protection if he left the Imagined Order, which is why he stayed in the organization.

Is Jonesy still with the Imagined Order?

Jonesy believed that the IO was doing the right thing and protecting the island, but when he realized this wasn't the case, he left the organization and decided to help The Seven.

These events can be seen during the Chapter 2 Season 6 trailer. The popular character decided to disobey Dr. Slone and betray the Imagined Order. In this trailer, players met The Foundation, the leader of The Seven, for the first time.


Jonesy promised he'd take The Foundation to Geno and find The Sisters, precisely what he did. At the end of Chapter 3 Season 2, the former member of the Imagined Order and The Foundation saw Geno and started chasing him. He is the leader of the IO, which is why Epic Games will most likely reveal him in a live event at some point.

Furthermore, The Sisters (The Imagined and The Order) were also found by the two characters and played a huge role in the events of the last season. They were the last two members of The Seven, but it turns out they were created by Geno himself, making the entire story much more enjoyable.

Chapter 3 Season 3 is coming to an end as Season 4 will start in mid-September. In the meantime, Marvel will release the third issue of the comic book on August 17 and the fourth issue on August 31. The fifth and final issue will be released after Season 4 starts on September 28.

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