Fortnite x Timberland collaboration: Stat Date, what to expect, possible rewards, and more

Fortnite x Timberland details will be revealed soon (Image via Twitter/HYPEX)
Fortnite x Timberland details will be revealed soon (Image via Twitter/HYPEX)
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It's not uncommon for Fortnite to collaborate with apparel brands. Over the years, the number of crossovers featuring clothes and shoes have reached an all-time high. In fact, some of these collaborations have been highly successful in both the real and virtual world.

The best part about this is that the cosmetics showcased in-game are not limited to the metaverse. If players choose, they can even purchase the apparel in real life. While they may seem a bit different than those in-game, they are the official merchandise.

NEW COLLAB: Fortnite x TimberlandIt says "Created in Fortnite" so there has to be a Creative map, and maybe fashion cosmetics like the previous similar collabs? 👀

Speaking of which, a few hours ago, Fortnite leaker HYPEX came across an upcoming apparel collaboration. While that's nothing out of the ordinary, the brand in question is Timberland, a newcomer to the metaverse. Here's everything known about the collaboration so far.

Fortnite x Timberland collaboration: Everything Loopers need to know

Timberland® CONSTRUCT:10061 created in Fortnite, powered by Epic Games' Unreal Engine.Coming soon.#TIMBERLANDFORTNITE

For the time being, information about this crossover is rather limited. Aside from the date of June 9, 2022, nothing else of substance has been provided. However, it may have something to do with Milan Design Week, which will last until June 12. But for the time being, no one has any idea as to what that might be.

Moving on from the unknown, it would seem that the Timberland collaboration will be an experience within Fortnite. Much like the Naruto crossover, a custom map with activities is likely to be added. If this is the case, players will be able to explore and earn some XP while attending the event.

Since collaborations are a huge deal for the community, Epic Games is sure to provide cosmetic rewards for those who partake in the LTM. As is tradition during a crossover with apparel brands, their branded outfits are added to the Item Shop. However, since Timberland is primarily focused on shoes, that may not be the case this time around.

It's also more than likely that official Fortnite x Timberland shoes will be available for purchase in the real world. However, it's left to be seen if the collaboration is going to take this route. Since the leak talks about an in-game experience, it could simply be a custom map and nothing more. That being said, not everyone is happy about this.

"I'm sorry, but I'm tired of the fashion/clothing brand collabs." - The community speaks

While clothing brand collaborations are not a new trend, according to some Fortnite fans, most cosmetics don't make sense anymore and do not fit the ongoing season either. Furthermore, since they are branded apparel, the cost of buying them in-game is higher than normal.

The community feels that compared to most other skins, they don't feel like value for money. It's more about the logo of the brand being visible on the apparel, than having something that is well designed. One user by the name of That1Pen sums it up by saying:

"Complain all you want about the oversaturation of Marvel or whatever, but at least it is not just a hoodie with [insert clothing brand here] on a skin."

However, not everyone shares this opinion. Since Epic Games is building a metaverse, the goal is for everything from real-life to eventually find its way into the game. This includes superhero outfits, concept art, and for better or worse, apparel brands as well.

@That1Pen @HYPEX Epic is creating a metaverse using fortnite, you should get used to this or just quit the game as collabs are going to increase substantially in the near future

Since buying these doesn't provide an unfair advantage in combat, there's nothing to miss out on by not having them in the locker. This is a win-win situation for everyone. Here are a few more reactions to the matter at hand:

@That1Pen @HYPEX 100% agree, definitely my least favorite collabs.
@That1Pen @HYPEX Fashion brand collabs are so much better than new marvel skins idc
@That1Pen @HYPEX But ya gotta admit, some of em last time looked pretty cool. Like the one knight one
@That1Pen @HYPEX I really like collabs that are like this. Technically original skins but there’s just something about them that stands out, The Balenciaga skins were good reimagined skins, the original Jordan skins are pretty fun and Moncler was amazing, just look at it as a skin and not a brand
@That1Pen @HYPEX I’m fine with them if they aren’t just reskins with extra stuff. The game knight was the best skin of its collab but the rest were mid. Some effort would be nice especially since previous collars had some
@That1Pen @HYPEX Marvel collabs should stop and clothing brands need to be more than a generic/popular skin with a hoodie
@That1Pen @HYPEX Jokes on you this is a combo moment! Spider-man with Timberlands time yippee!

While the collaboration may not be well-received by some players, others will definitely spend their V-Bucks to buy the cosmetics. This ensures that Epic Games stays afloat and is funded for years to come.

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