Fortnite YouTuber discovers glitch that turns Midas into a pay-to-win skin

Midas in a Fortnite cinematic (Image via Epic Games)
Midas in a Fortnite cinematic (Image via Epic Games)
Brandon Moore

Ali "SypherPK" Hassan has showcased another instance of Fortnite being pay-to-win. This isn't the usual overpowered emote or a skin that can blend into the background and go unseen. This one comes from a well-known, popular skin glitching out and causing problems.


In a video, SypherPK was playing with Ninja and CouRageJD when CouRage discovered a massive glitch with his golden Midas skin that could decimate the FPS of other players.

SypherPK and CouRageJD reveal a glitching Midas skin in Fortnite

At the start of the video, SypherPK mentions that his FPS is dropping and CouRageJD brings up how he broke the game. This makes them realize that CouRage is causing issues with everyone's frames per second.

CouRage has the Midas skin as part of the Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass. That is why many commenters are calling it another pay-to-win part of Fortnite because one needs to have bought the pass to use it.

The glitch occurs with the Midas skin as it glows when switching between items. A golden glow is noticeable when pulling out the Mythic Spider-Man web-shooters.

Spamming the item swap buttons between the weapon and the Spider-Man gloves causes the golden glow to last as long as the spamming takes place. This drastically drops the performance of each player's game in terms of FPS.

The SypherPK video did not show this being exploited in a Fortnite gunfight, but it easily could be done. Players could stay at a distance from their teammates and watch them tank the FPS of the opposition.

@HYPEX there is a glitch with midas when you equip and unequip the web slingers he starts glowing alot and its a lag machine.#Fortnite #Fortnitebug

They can attack with long-range weapons and get easy kills. Players can even use the glitch to escape rather than jumping into one of the new tornadoes found on the island.

Of course, this was not a typical situation that could be considered pay-to-win. Instead, it's a wild glitch that Epic Games is hearing about right now and will likely be patched sooner rather than later.

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