Fortnite YouTuber proves why Anime skins are pay-to-lose

Dragon Ball skins have a key issue (Image via Epic Games)
Dragon Ball skins have a key issue (Image via Epic Games)

Ideally, purchasable in-game cosmetics should neither advantage nor disadvantage a player, and everyone should have an equal chance of winning whether they're equipped with a battle pass skin or not.

Occasionally, Fortnite introduces something that ends up providing an unintended advantage of some sort, such as the Mystique skin from Chapter 2 Season 4, which has previously allowed players to equip exclusive and unreleased versions. However, this has only worked in Creative Mode.

However, skins that give players a disadvantage are significantly rare. A Fortnite YouTuber seems to have discovered one very recently.

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Fortnite player discovers problem with anime skins, determines they are pay-to-lose


The latest pay-to-lose skin is unfortunate as it comes on the heels of the Dragon Ball x Fortnite crossover. Currently, there are quite a few anime skins in the game, including Naruto, Erisa, Goku, Beerus, Vegeta, Sasuke, and many others.

Unfortunately, the unique art style that made these skins so popular has also made them disadvantageous.

Glitch King, the Fortnite YouTuber who finds and alerts the masses about all glitches in the game, discovered an issue with these skins.

The outline, which is unique only to anime skins, shows up when it shouldn't. A smoke bomb is supposed to completely shroud the player inside and prevent it from being viewed from the outside.


However, with an anime skin equipped, the outline is clearly visible from inside, as Glitch King discovered. He was easily able to eliminate the player inside, which should have been almost impossible to do.

When the player switched the skin to a non-anime one, the outline was gone and the character was no longer visible from the outside. This is what should normally happen when one uses a smoke bomb.

It is an unfortunate side effect of some of the most popular skins. Goku has recently been named the most-used male skin in Chapter 3 Season 3, so a large number of people have been affected by this issue.

The Dragon Ball crossover is one of the biggest in Fortnite history, so there's reason to believe that there are plenty of players who have purchased and actively use this style.

Naruto has a lot of skins (Image via Epic Games)
Naruto has a lot of skins (Image via Epic Games)

Since the bug has already been pointed out, Epic Games will probably fix it soon. Smoke bombs will also not always be available in the loot pool.

The developers don't want anything to put players at a disadvantage, especially cosmetic items. The issue will likely be patched once they're made aware of it or the next update is released.

Since it's not a beneficial glitch, there's no reason to try and take advantage of it in the meantime. For now, players may want to avoid using the anime skins until it is fixed.

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