FortniteMares 2021 free rewards: Rumors, leaks, and more

FortniteMares 2021 will be the biggest Halloween event (Image via Epic Games)
FortniteMares 2021 will be the biggest Halloween event (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnitemares 2021 will be grander than ever, and Epic Games is taking every step in that direction. The yearly Halloween event has perpetually introduced several features, and this year will be no different.

However, Epic is not looking to stop at just cosmetics and skins. There have been leaks that the developers will be adding new gameplay for FortniteMares 2021.

While that remains to be seen, there are a few things that have been shared.

Details about FortniteMares 2021

Epic has confirmed that the Fortnitemares 2021 will be a month-long event.

The first week is already underway and will have Halloween-themed maps, games, and more. It started on October 5 and will end on November 1.

This time around, Epic is taking advantage of Fortnite Creative and weighing down on a lot of user-created content. FortniteMares 2021 will have new Halloween-themed maps within the Fortnite Creative daily.

The publisher is also planning to release special Halloween skins each week. However, there is no information about how these will be made available.

Skins for the first week of Fortnitemares (Image via Epic Games)
Skins for the first week of Fortnitemares (Image via Epic Games)

Other than that, there will be numerous Cube challenges along with Shortnitemares, a celebration with spooky animated shorts for players to watch. A notable Fortnite leaker named FNAssist on Twitter has shared all the skins coming to FortniteMares 2021.

Readers can check out the tweet below.

Here's a breakdown of all #Fortnitemares2021 cards we have seen today and what most of them are hinting at, there may be more too as some are even barely seenWith only 4 cards per week it's likely there are 16 Cards total but we've only seen 13 in the background yet!

The list looks pretty extensive, and there are still some things not known yet. It is estimated that each of these skins will cost around 1200 V-Bucks. There are rumors that Epic will not be giving away a ton of free stuff and will focus on paid items.

These are all skins for the first two weeks of FortniteMares 2021.

Week 1

  • Frankenstein’s Monster - already released
  • Curdle Scream Leader - already released
  • Skeletara - already released
  • Rick Grimes

Week 2

  • Gold Skull Trooper
  • Universal’s Mummy
  • Remixed Big Mouth skin
  • Shadow Midas
Shadow Midas will most likely come to the Item Shop later this month!(Thanks to @GranbeFN for telling me!)

For weeks 3 and 4, players can expect more information soon. Epic is planning another major update (Fortnite v18.20) for next week probably, which will shed more light on the content coming to FortniteMares 2021.

v18.20 has been added to Staging servers!

The Halloween event is well underway in Fortnite, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Epic has lots in store for loopers, and more will be revealed in the coming days.

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