"Gonna start being more mature": Fortnite pro-Clix promises to get his act together after Epic Games revokes Creator Code 

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

Just a couple of days after Fortnite pro Cody "Clix" Conrod lost his Creator Code he apologized to the community and stated that he would "start setting an example."

Despite being one of the most popular Fortnite streamers on the internet right now, the 16-year-old has frequently found himself in turbulent waters.

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The latest episode came on May 11th, when the NRG pro posted a rather controversial tweet. The post was taken down in minutes, but several users took screenshots that started circulating social media.

In response to the same, Epic Games took serious action by removing the creative maps in his name and by revoking his Fortnite Creator Code.

After the incident, the NRG Fortnite pro took to Twitter to apologize to the entire community, admitting that his statements were in bad taste.

He said:

"Gonna start being more mature on stream & all social media platforms. Learned a huge lesson about the creator code stuff, I just love fucking around and being myself but with the huge community I have, I needa start setting an example."

Furthermore, he stated that he understands the kind of impact such comments can have on his career and the NRG banner he plays under.

While Epic has not stated how long it will take for him to get his Creator Code, Clix can only hope that it will be reinstated sooner rather than later.

Not the first time that the Fortnite star has been in rough waters

Clix is seen as a successor to Ninja in terms of Fortnite skills and viewership. But with how things have been in the last few months, it seems like he attracts trouble wherever he goes.

Prior to this instance, Epic Games issued Clix a notice against organizing wagers in Fortnite. Even though the rules are valid for everyone, it makes more sense to apply this to young players and streamers who tend to spend a lot of money.

The devs also did this to discourage gambling practices in Fortnite. He was also penalized for revealing pictures of NRG Ronaldo while on stream.

The 100-man battle royale has a tremendous following, and his comments on May 11th set a rather unpleasant example.

A lot of young players look up to players like Clix and hope their careers are as vibrant as the players they follow. Even though he is 16-years-old, Clix represents the Fortnite community and needs to get his act together.

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