"Just enjoy the content": xQc asks fans to calm down after a confrontation with Chang Gang in the GTA RP server

xQc asks his fans to chill after a confrontation with Chang Gang (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc asks his fans to chill after a confrontation with Chang Gang (Image via Sportskeeda)

Felix "xQc" Lengyel and the Chang Gang have locked horns with each other frequently on the GTA RP server. Their motive has usually been to spice things up and make RP more interesting. However, both parties were involved in a heist recently, and xQc's fans took the actions of Chang Gang too seriously.

The Canadian streamer had to step in, explaining that it was "just roleplay," telling the agitators to "enjoy the content."

xQc and the Chang Gang have faced off against each other several times, but they've also teamed up to pull off heists. The gang consists of nine high-profile RP streamers. They are:

Both parties decided to pull off the Paleto Bay heist. It was essentially a race to figure out which team would take home all the loot.

xQc seemed to have his act together until the Gang arrived on the scene. Nobody died in the heated confrontation, but the Gang destroyed the variety streamer's getaway vehicle.

Police arrived on the scene, and both parties were asked to part ways. However, the Chang Gang went on to state that they still wanted revenge and would do anything to get back at xQc.

This sentiment didn't sit well with his fans. At the end of the stream, the former Overwatch pro had to remind his honest patrons that it was just a game, and he didn't have anything against any Gang member. xQc said that,

“RP viewers, don’t get mad at Chang Gang and stuff. It’s just roleplay. Okay? I think the server has no confrontations and everybody likes each other.These hostile elements are very important. I think they’re cool and they’re fun, and they’re also very much needed. So, don’t get mad at anybody, man. Just enjoy the content for what it is and don’t get mad about things that it’s not.”

This wasn't the first confrontation in the game, and with how things are shaping up, it won't be the last. That being said, a showdown in the game shouldn't lead to a feud in real life.

xQc, Sykkuno, and the Chang Gang pull off a historic heist

Sykkuno is a popular streamer in the community who is known for his shy personality. Be that as it may, the Among us sensation has become a menace in the streets of Los Santos as he was the mastermind behind one of the most bizarre yet successful heists the server has ever seen.

Also involving Buddha, xQc and Sykkuno decided to rob all three banks on Rainbow Road: Fleeca, Paleto, and the City Vault.

Naturally, they needed all hands on deck, so they also invited Team Rocket to be a part of the heist.

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The heist had the whole city buzzing, and the cops, even after being at the top of their game, couldn't stop them from getting away and taking home around $212,000 each.

This serves as just another instance to point out that xQc and the Chang Gang don't have anything against each other and enjoy healthy competition.

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