"Got a GF": Fortnite pro Clix announces his relationship status, immediately gets roasted

Fortnite pro Clix gets a GF and gets roasted by fans (Image via Twitter/Clix)
Fortnite pro Clix gets a GF and gets roasted by fans (Image via Twitter/Clix)

Fortnite has many professional players that stand out from the crowd. Some shine for their ability to excel in tournaments, while others have a spotlight shone upon them for awkward behavior.

Nevertheless, when something major happens in their lives, it's bound to get posted on social media. This was the case with professional player Cody Conrod, better known as Clix, or simply as the guy who called Donald Mustard a "Bald F**k."

Coming back to the topic at hand, Clix recently posted a picture on Twitter and captioned it - "got a gf." In the frame, Cody and Ripraraa, aka Abby, can be seen taking a mirror selfie. For those wondering, Abby plays Fortnite as well and is a streamer on Twitch.

While this was nothing out of the ordinary, the Fortnite/pro community at large began roasting him. And, upon closer inspection, there may be a legitimate reason behind the "burn" comments under the post.

Fortnite pro Clix is supposedly dating an adult

Although there's nothing weird about the supposed relationship, it would seem that his significant other is older than him by four years or so. But that's not a problem since it falls within the norms of modern society.

However, it is amusing considering the fact that Clix is still a minor while she is an adult. Owing to this, the community can't seem to help themselves from turning their relationship into a joke. Here are a few reactions from the thread:

@Clix @ripraraa hasn’t even been a full 24 mans is makin moves
@Clix @ripraraa clix informs us that he has finally pulled a baddie however he just paid her 50 bands and isn’t actually dating her
@CodeDontCare @ripraraa @itsJerian @Clix Literally fortnite kids. He's a minor and she's in her 20s 😂
@ripraraa @itsJerian @Clix Working your way through the fortnite kids for some clout, crazyyyyy
@Clix @ripraraa is this real or photoshop, if photoshop these people are so good @wuzz1x what do u think
@Clix @ripraraa these pictures are getting way too realistic
@Clix @ripraraa u definitely have a type. the MID type

While no one wishes them ill, there is perhaps another reason why the community is treating this relationship as a joke. It has to do with a tweet that was made by Clix last year on May 11.

To Spike or not to Spike, losing your SAC is the only answer

In mid-May last year, Clix decided to have some fun on his Twitter account and posted something that he thought was harmless. However, given how the real world functions, this was far from comedy or satire. Here's what he wrote:

"I'm so down bad I told a girl to come over, when she came I slipped laxatives into her drink. When she went to the bathroom I made sure to clog up the toilet pipes so her sh*t would stay. I eat out of the toilet every day."

Although the second half of the statement was disgusting in its own right and screamed "filthy" humor, there was nothing wrong with it. However, the part where he talks about "slipping laxatives" is a criminal offense and is often referred to as "Drink Spiking."

This was the reason it was disabled, I thought everyone would take it as a joke but I understand it i'm representing a company I shouldn't of tweeted it. Hope to get it re-enabled

Despite laxatives not being that kind of a drug and the situation being purely imaginative, given his fan-following, many kids were exposed to the wrong ideas. The issue spread so widely that Epic Games even revoked his Fortnite SAC - Support-A-Creator Code.

Given the long-lasting backlash that this incident caused, it's easy to understand why a lot of netizens are not taking their relationship seriously. In fact, no one's even sure if the relationship is real. Since Clix loves making jokes, perhaps the relationship is one as well. For now, speculation is all that remains.

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