GTA 5 ranks in top 5 most-watched games on YouTube Gaming in 2020

GTA 5 continues to be one of the most popular games, nearly seven years after its release (Image via Digital spy)
GTA 5 continues to be one of the most popular games, nearly seven years after its release (Image via Digital Spy)

GTA 5, possibly the most talked-about game of the last decade, doesn't seem to be moving away from the public eye anytime soon. With the game set for a re-release on next-gen consoles as an "Expanded and Enhanced" edition, GTA 5 is not done with its time on the internet and will continue to thrive.

According to the YouTube official blog, Grand Theft Auto ranked quite highly amongst the most-watched games of 2020. So highly that it makes the top 5, alongside juggernauts such as Fortnite and Minecraft.

This is saying a lot for a game that came out nearly seven years ago. Lorde was the biggest thing in music, to put things into perspective, and the PS4 was considered next-gen during GTA 5's release.

Simply put, not many titles and franchises would stand the test of time like Grand Theft Auto has, and not only has it survived, but also thrived dominantly.

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GTA 5 among top five most-watched games on YouTube Gaming this year


With 70 billion views to boast of, GTA 5 ranks at No 4 on the global top overall games watched in 2020. The title's continued success can be attributed to a number of factors, such as its excellent modding community that never ceases to amaze the gaming community.

Global top overall games watched in 2020:

  • Minecraft: 201B views
  • Roblox: 75B views
  • Garena Free Fire: 72B views
  • GTA 5: 70B views
  • Fortnite: 67B views

Top five live games watched in 2020:

  • Minecraft
  • Garena Free Fire
  • Fortnite
  • GTA 5
  • PUBG Mobile

Streamers and content creators enjoy creating content around the game's mods as it makes for some truly hilarious, and sometimes even intense, gameplay moments. Along with this, GTA Online has been a roaring success that has an absolutely massive player base.

Online makes for some truly entertaining streams and comedic gold, something content creators and streamers gravitate towards. The universal appeal of GTA 5 is truly a testament to the staying power of a well-crafted AAA experience.

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