How do crowns work in Fortnite? Victory Crowns explained

Victory Crowns have to do with winning a match (Image via Epic Games)
Victory Crowns have to do with winning a match (Image via Epic Games)

Epic Games released a new Fortnite item in Chapter 3 Season 1. This item was called the Victory Crown, a gameplay element that allowed players to earn bonus XP and exclusive rewards.

The developers often add new items to the game in a bid to provide some variety for players. These range from new weapons to healing items or throwables that will inevitably go in and out of the vault.

However, the Victory Crown remained in the game for the two subsequent seasons after its release. It seems poised to stay as long as Fortnite is still an active game.

Victory Crowns are useful, but they're also pretty difficult to come by. Here's how to get them, what they do, and everything else loopers need to know about them.

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Victory Crowns in Fortnite grant additional XP to their wearers

The Fortnite Wiki describes the Victory Crown as follows:

"The Victory Crown is a unique item which does not take up a slot in the player's inventory, rather it goes into its own slot where only one can be carried. The Victory Crown will boost the player's XP for eliminations and surviving by giving them unique accolades which grant more XP."

The Victory Crown's most important use in Fortnite is arguably to grant XP. In a match, players will earn XP for doing various things like opening chests, eliminating opponents, surviving storm phases, and more.

With a crown in a gamer's inventory, the total number of XP earned increases. It's not a huge increase, but it can add up, especially if players have a good match. However, that's not the only thing Victory Crowns provide.

Victory Crowns look like this (Image via Epic Games)
Victory Crowns look like this (Image via Epic Games)

According to the Fortnite Wiki, players who win a match while wearing a Victory Crown are rewarded with the Crowning Achievement emote:

"When the player obtains a Victory Royale with a Victory Crown, they will be given the Crowning Achievement emote, which displays a number. This number increases on each Victory Royale achieved with the Crown. The Logo for the Victory Royale will also be changed, becoming gold in color."

There are only two ways to get a Victory Crown in Fortnite. The first is by winning a match. Unfortunately, this method doesn't add to the tally of crowned victories for the emote. The tally resets every season.

In Solos, players get rewarded with a Victory Crown if they win a game. In Duos, Trios, or Squads, all members of the winning team get a Victory Crown.

Alternatively, Victory Crowns can be dropped by players in a match. Players can manually drop them from their inventory if they choose (though that is not advised), or they can drop them after getting eliminated.


Once dropped, the Victory Crown will show up on the minimap for everyone else. The in-game kill feed will notify all players that someone has dropped a Victory Crown. The first player to pick it up will get to wear it.

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