How to get all the Fortnite x Among Us cosmetics for $1?

Fortnite x Among Us collab (Image via InnerSloth)
Fortnite x Among Us collab (Image via InnerSloth)
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It was just announced that Fortnite and Among Us are finally getting an official collaboration. The files were decrypted, showcasing an emote and a customizable, reactive back bling. This comes a long time after initial rumors of a collaboration erupted and after Epic Games impersonated Among Us with Impostors Mode.

Initially, there was no timetable for the collaboration, along with no indication of exactly how to get these cosmetics, but that's now been revealed. All it takes is an approved purchase of something tethered to Among Us from the Epic Games Store.

IT'S HEREsquad up with ur Crewmates (or Impostors?) and prepare for departure on the Battle Bus – we're invading @FortniteGame! 😈buy Among Us or Stars in the Epic Games Launcher now to get the Crewmate Back Bling & Distraction Dance Emote in…

That's a pretty good deal, especially when players realize they can spend as little as $1 USD on the store and unlock both the back bling and the emote. This might be the only way to obtain these cosmetics. Here's how to do just that.

How to get the Among Us cosmetics in Fortnite for cheap

According to multiple sources, including Among Us developer InnerSloth, all that is necessary to unlock the cosmetics is a purchase relating to Among Us from the Epic Games Store.

This is what they said in the official announcement:

"It’s time to prepare for departure… on the Battle Bus! As part of a new collaboration with Fortnite, starting now until June 9, 2023, at 11 AM ET, all players who purchase Among Us from the Epic Games Store (or an Among Us Stars Pack from the Epic Games Store) will receive the Back Bling and Emote at no additional cost."

Fortunately for players, the Among Us Stars Pack can be purchased for as little as $1 USD. There are different star bundles, but the cheapest one will do the trick, so unless players are also enjoying Among Us and want a lot of stars, $1 USD will suffice.

That's exactly what prominent leaker ShiinaBR did, because even for leakers, the cosmetics aren't free.

@GhostNinja @yuzushiraishi Yeah, just bought the $1 Among Us Star Bundle, and I got the…

Based on what InnerSloth said, it seems like the cosmetics will only be available as a reward for purchasing through the Epic Games Store. They said that the cosmetics will be available for an entire year, which means there's no rush for players to purchase anything.

This also means that there's probably no impending Item Shop appearance for these Fortnite cosmetics. Since they'll be attached to a purchase for an entire year, it doesn't seem like Epic will do anything else with them.

However, the possibility can't be ruled out. Epic Games will make some money off the star bundle or Among Us game purchases, but they will also make money through Item Shop purchases of the same cosmetics. Time will tell what they have planned or what they decide to do.

For now, it's a deeply intertwined collaboration. The two brands were not expected to work together, especially after the Impostors Mode debacle, but it seems they've put that aside for the good of their fanbase.

The Crewmates (Image via HYPEX on Twitter)
The Crewmates (Image via HYPEX on Twitter)

The cosmetics include the Distraction Dance and Crewmate, which comes in:

  • Red
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Black
  • White
  • Yellow

Fortnite gamers can purchase the stars or the game at any time to get the cosmetics.

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