How to get the Rebirth Harley Quinn Fortnite skin code and claim the outfit

Players can now redeem the Harley Quinn Fortnite skin
Players can now redeem the Harley Quinn Fortnite skin

The Rebirth Harley Quinn skin is a cosmetic reward given out to players for purchasing the Fortnite x Batman comics. This skin is the first of six DC-themed cosmetic items to come to Fortnite.

The Fortnite x Batman comics are a unique crossover between Fortnite and DC, where the storylines in the game and the comics run parallel to each other. The story will supposedly have long-lasting effects on Fortnite and the DC Universe as a whole.

How to get the Harley Quinn DC Rebirth outfit in Fortnite?

The code for the Harley Quinn DC Rebirth outfit is only available to individuals who have purchased the first issue of the Fortnite x Batman comics. These comics are available in select regions only.

However, players can also get the code if they have a DC Universe Infinite subscription. This, however, is restricted to US residents only.

Players need to note that the Harley Quinn Rebirth skin code for Fortnite will only be available in print versions and to those who have subscribed to DC Universe infinite. The code won't be available on any other digital platform.

Once they've received the Harley Quinn skin code for Fortnite, players need to head over to Once on the site, players will have to log in to their Epic Games account and enter the code in the subsequent dialog box.

Once they've entered the code, players need to click on redeem, and they'll have successfully redeemed the Harley Quinn DC Rebirth skin.


Having said that, the Harley Quinn DC Rebirth skin will be an exclusive skin for now since it's the first skin in the long line of cosmetics. The skin is scheduled to come to the item shop at a later date. Fans who redeem all six bonus codes in Fortnite will be rewarded with the Armored Batman skin in the game.

The Armored Batman skin may not be available in the item shop because it's being promoted as a reward for those who unlock the six other cosmetics in the game.

Having said that, Batman and Catwoman are stuck in the Fortnite universe for now and have lost their memory and their ability to talk. The storm is closing in on these two characters.

What happens to them after the storm has hit them will be revealed in the second issue of the Fortnite x Batman comics. The second issue goes live on May 4th and will bring with it another bonus cosmetic item.

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