How to get Runway Racer skin for free in Fortnite

How to get Runway Racer skin for free in Fortnite
The new Runway Racer can be acquired for free in Fortnite. (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

Fortnite continues to provide players with dynamic updates and enticing cosmetics, with the latest addition to the game's roster being the new Runway Racer outfit. It is a part of the Velocity Chic cosmetic bundle, which includes not just the new outfit but also the Haute Hustle Wrap, Auto Clutch Back Bling, and the Premiere Poms Pickaxe.

These items collectively make up a coordinated and fashionable ensemble that any Fortnite player would be delighted to add to their growing collection. For players eager to flaunt the new Runway Racer skin without spending a dime, this article will walk them through the steps needed to acquire this stylish and sleek outfit for free, along with some bonus rewards.

How to unlock the new Runway Racer skin in Fortnite

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In order to unlock the Runway Racer skin and the items associated with it, you will need to complete the Runway Racer Goals, a set of in-game quests and challenges that are linked to your Account Level, added in the new v27.10 update.

Each goal in this set of quests corresponds to your Account Level progression and holds the keys to unlocking different components of the Velocity Chic bundle. The milestones are listed below:

  • Earning 5 Account Levels unlocks the Premiere Poms Pickaxe.
  • Earning 20 Account Levels unlocks the Haute Hustle Wrap.
  • Earning 35 Account Levels unlocks the Auto Clutch Back Bling.
  • Earning 50 Account Levels unlocks the Runway Racer skin.

A unique aspect of this bundle is the new Auto Clutch Back Bling, which is among the many items in the game that have faced an age restriction. The back bling is only available in game modes with a 12+ age rating, reflecting Fortnite's new age rating feature and the commitment to age-appropriate content.

How to gain Account Levels for the new Velocity Chic bundle

The key to claiming these new items lies in accumulating XP, and in turn gaining Account Levels. You can elevate your Fortnite it by earning XP through various in-game activities and quests. As you play, the XP will contribute to your account level, subsequently unlocking rewards in the Velocity Chic set.

You can consistently stay on top of your journey to unlock these cosmetics by monitoring your Account Levels on the Runway Racer Goals screen, conveniently located in the Quests tab in the game's menu. This tracking allows you to stay aware of your progress towards unlocking each component of the new bundle.

You can embark on the quest for this new cosmetic set added in Chapter 4 Season 5 by going through the Runway Racer Goals, which will allow you to showcase your Fortnite finesse with this stylish and sleek ensemble.

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