How to get The Clawz Retro Back Bling for free in Fortnite

How to get The Clawz Retro Back Bling for free in Fortnite
How to get The Clawz Retro Back Bling for free in Fortnite (Image via BraniYoutube || Epic Games)

Fortnite players currently have a chance to snatch up The Clawz Retro Back Bling for free, with Epic Games offering the uncommon Back Bling as a compensation reward for the recent server issue. The problem sprang up during The Big Bang event, where the hype and excitement surrounding the occasion meant a large number of players jumped into the game.

This created severe server issues, with many users getting sign-in errors or getting kicked out altogether. Some receive a queue time of over an hour, resulting in them missing out on the event.

Epic Games was quick to acknowledge the problem and announce two more showings of The Big Bang event. They later promised three more compensation rewards for players to pick up for the experience.

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How to get free The Clawz Retro Back Blink in Fortnite in December 2023?

To get The Clawz Retro Black Blink for free, players will simply have to log in when Chapter 5 Season 1 begins in-game. They will find the unique cosmetic item in their inventory. While there is confusion on whether every player will receive it, Epic Games mentioned that they will be providing the same to everyone who played the OG season.

For The Big Bang event server issues, Epic Games has promised that players will receive the following:

  • 750,000 OG Pass XP
  • The Clawz Retro Back Bling
  • Spectra Knight quests autocompleted

The first and the third should automatically get added to the game without players having to do anything else.

What was The Big Bang event issue in Fortnite?

The Big Bang event was initially held on December 2 at 11 am PT / and 2 pm ET. Running for around 12 minutes, it provided trainers with a glimpse of what to expect in Chapter 5 Season 1, and contained a performance from Eminem. In their official blog post for the event, Epic Games had asked players to join 30 minutes prior to the event.

With the concurrent player count in Fortnite running over 11.6 million during the event, the server started buckling under pressure. The Epic Games Store faced an outage, millions of players had to resort to watching the event from Twitch, and the entire situation threatened to turn sour.

The developers posted soon on the game's official X (formerly Twitter) account, noting the situation and assuring two more showings at 2 pm PT / 5 pm ET and 8 pm PT and 11 pm ET on December 2. For those who still missed out on the event, check out our Fortnite Big Bang event recap to learn about what happened.

The Chapter 5 Season 1 server downtime began a little later on the same day at 8.30 pm PT / 11.30 pm ET. Early patch notes for the upcoming update have hinted at iconic figures like Solid Snake and Peter Griffing joining the Fortnite metaverse. With three new upcoming worlds to play around with, players will assuredly have a gala time in Fortnite for the upcoming future.

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