How to get The Grefg skin bundle in Fortnite Season 5

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

Epic Games released the Grefg skin bundle as a part of the Fortnite Icon skin series paying tribute to David Cánovas Martínez, also known as Grefg. His skin was first released in the game via a tournament launched by Epic Games and a special creative map launched by Grefg.

How to get the Grefg skin bundle in Fortnite season 5


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Earlier, players had two ways to get this skin bundle for free in Fortnite. Players would have to participate in the Grefg Official Deathrun. The top 100 players with the fastest times would win the Grefg skin bundle for free.

Players could also participate in the "Floor is Lava" LTM and win this skin. But these methods won't work anymore because the contest is over. The only way to obtain this skin is by purchasing it from the in-game store using V-Bucks.

The Grefg skin bundle is available in the Fortnite store right now. Players can purchase it for 1800 V-Bucks from the in-game store. The Grefg skin bundle contains The Balls of Power Back Bling based on the Dragonball series. It contains the Staff of Control pickaxe, the Controller Crew emote, and the skin itself.

The Grefg skin bundle dropped in Fortnite with the 15.20 update. The update brought a lot of new items into the game, including two new weapons. As promised by Epic Games, players now have the option to disable pre-edits in Fortnite.

Epic Games tried to address the pre-edit scenario in the 15.10 update but failed to do so properly. With the 15.20 update, developers gave players the option to disable pre-edits in Fortnite. The 15.20 update in Fortnite also gave players an idea about the new hunters coming to the game.

The Predator is going to be in Fortnite soon. Given how the reload animation for the lever-action shotgun works, the community assumes that the next hunter to arrive in-game will be the Terminator. A few leaks suggest that the Baller, the Hoverboard, and the Golf cart may return to Fortnite during this season.

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