How to get the Zero Point x Marvel Spider-Man skin in Fortnite

Fortnite Zero War x Marvel Spider-Man skin (Image via ShiinaBR/Twitter)
Fortnite Zero War x Marvel Spider-Man skin (Image via ShiinaBR/Twitter)

The new issue of the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comic is coming out soon, and it comes with an all-new Spider-Man skin. Anyone who purchases the Issue #1 of the comic book will also get the code for the new skin. The first issue of the five-part series will drop on June 8 and can be purchased offline and online.

Several rumors of a new Spider-Man skin had surfaced before. Many players thought it would be Miles Morales after Prowler showed up as the mystery skin in the previous Battle Pass. However, it turns out that the upcoming skin is an exclusive bonus comic book item.


The Fortnite Spider-Man Zero outfit is created only for the Epic Games x Marvel collaboration. It will not be available in the item shop, nor will it show up in any future Battle Passes, making it one of the rarest upcoming skins in the game. However, it is a treat for all Marvel fans who love to play Epic Games' Battle Royale.

Get the Fortnite Spider-Man Zero outfit through Marvel comics

Spider-Man Zero In-Game!

Epic Games, in collaboration with Marvel, has released the Zero War comic book series. The entire series will consist of five issues on an immersive storytelling place on Reality-616. Marvel heroes, including Spider-Man and Wolverine, have come to help Jonesy and The Imagined save the Zero Point.

The best part about these comic books is the bonus skin that will come along with each issue. In addition to the thrill that players will get from reading the story written by Donald Mustard himself, they will also get an exclusive Marvel skin in Fortnite. For the very first issue releasing on June 8, players will be getting the Spider-Man Zero skin.

Unlike others, the Zero War cosmetics might be a little on the expensive side. Ranging from around $6 for pre-orders to $26 for retail sales, the cost of bonus skins is much higher than other cosmetics in the game.

However, die-hard fans of the game and Marvel wouldn't think twice before shelling out all this money just to get a rare Spider-Man skin.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 welcomes another collaboration


Similar to other seasons, Chapter 3 Season 3 also has various collaborations. The Battle Pass itself has the Darth Vader and Indiana Jones' skins that players can unlock.

Darth Vader can be unlocked by completing 100 tiers of the pass. On the other hand, Indy is the mystery skin for this season, and Epic Games will enable challenges for the same as the season progresses.

The Fortnite Spider-Man Zero skin is yet another collaboration that has arrived within the first week of the new season. Players might see many more collaborations later on, some of which have already been leaked.

Apart from these, there are several original skins as well, including the customizable Assemble Snap skin that players can enjoy.

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