How to link Fortnite and Fall Guys account to earn free rewards

Fall Guys in Fortnite (Image via Shiina on YouTube)
Fall Guys in Fortnite (Image via Shiina on YouTube)
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Fortnite is certainly no stranger to giving away free rewards, nor is it a stranger to huge collaborations. Epic Games showcasing their Fall Guys collaboration marks the second major game in a month to collaborate with Fortnite, shortly after the Among Us one. The Fall Guys collaboration, though, is slightly different in comparison.

It's not a typical collaboration, in which a particular character (or characters) shows up in the Item Shop or Battle Pass or even on the island as an interactive NPC. Instead, this particular crossover also contains challenges that loopers should complete to earn rewards.

An interesting crossover (Image via Epic Games)
An interesting crossover (Image via Epic Games)

One of the main rewards is the Major Mancake skin, but it requires gamers to first link their Fall Guys and Fortnite accounts and then complete the necessary challenges. The article below will reveal how this can be done.

Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration: Linking accounts for free rewards

To connect their Fall Guys and Fortnite accounts, players will first need to sign in on Epic Games. Most gaming console accounts are already connected to Epic Games since they have been pushing two-factor authorization for quite some time now.


Step 1: Open Fall Guys

Fall Guys should be opened on whichever platform players are going to play on. This won't restrict them, but the platform chosen (Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or Nintendo Switch) will be considered the default platform.

Step 2: Visit the Accounts tab

Within Fall Guys, gamers need to head to the Accounts section. This is where all management of the Fall Guys account will occur.

There is an option here to connect accounts. Gamers will need to sign in to their Epic Games account to link them. If players haven't linked their Fortnite accounts with Epic Games yet, they must do so on the game itself.

To obtain the Major Mancake outfit, gamers will have to complete the following Crown Clash challenges:

  • Play 10 rounds in Any Show (Uncommon)
  • Play 20 rounds in Any Show (Uncommon)
  • Play 40 rounds in Any Show (Rare)
  • Play 70 rounds in Any Show (Epic)
  • Play 100 rounds in Any Show (Legendary)

Completing the last challenge will grant players all of the rewards, including the new free Fortnite skin. Cosmetics will be given to players shortly after they complete the challenges.

Interestingly, each stage will grant players one cosmetic. The first will reward loopers with the "Stacked!" spray, while the second challenge will give them the "Stacked with Love" emoji.

Next, completing the third and fourth challenges will reward gamers with the Major Mancake backbling and pickaxe. The completion of all five challenges will give players the opportunity to make a nearly full set of Major Mancake cosmetics.


However, this does require players to have downloaded Fall Guys on the Epic Games Store. Here's how to do that:

  1. Register on the Epic Games Store
  2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication on your account
  3. Download the Epic Games Launcher
  4. Visit the Epic Games Store
  5. Go to the Library
  6. Search for Fall Guys
  7. Download
  8. Open the game once it is done installing and log in

Once that's done, players can get in and start completing challenges. Unfortunately, there are no collaborative challenges within Fortnite, so players do have to use another game for any further rewards.

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