How much did Eminem make from the Fortnite live event? Expected earnings explored

How much did Eminem make from the Fortnite live event? Expected earnings explored
The Fortnite x Eminem concert was definitely one for the ages. (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

The Fortnite x Eminem Big Bang live event took the gaming and music world by storm. Since the event was the biggest in the game's history, fans and analysts in the industry are curious about the potential earnings that may have been garnered from this landmark collaboration.

A report from the Daily Local News suggested that Ariana Grande, who also had her own concert in the game in Chapter 2 Season 7 as part of the Rift Tour, took in an estimated $20,000,000 for her show. This gives us a ballpark figure of what an artist takes home from an in-game performance.

However, that's not the only factor.

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Analyzing Eminem's potential earnings from the Fortnite Big Bang live event performance

While the exact figures remain undisclosed, exploring previous fees and charges can give us an idea of how much money Eminem actually made during the Big Bang live event for Chapter 4 Season 5.

Celebrity Talent International suggests Eminem charges anywhere from $2,500,000 to $6,000,000 for a live performance. While the Big Bang cannot exactly be called a live performance, it still gives us an idea of what Eminem got for his performance.

Fortnite events go beyond the virtual stage as they feature exclusive in-game cosmetics and items related to collaborations, and Eminem's was no different. Receiving three different Icon Series skins, something that hasn't been seen before, Eminem surely received a part of the earnings that come in anytime someone purchases his outfit in-game, further adding to his earnings.

Additionally, the Big Bang live event was one of the biggest Fortnite events yet and faced multiple technical issues. This led to Epic Games showing the event multiple times in an effort to make up for the long queue times and slow speeds that players experienced.

These multiple showings could also lead to an increase in earnings for the Detroit rap icon as Epic Games used his performance more than once.

Eminem's involvement in the Big Bang live event could extend beyond the game to include other potential partnerships and sponsorships. While Eminem is not by any means a lesser-known name, the event could open the gates to future collaborations with other platforms and games in the Metaverse. This could translate into even more money for Eminem down the road, gaining more eyes as a rapper up to collaborate on the virtual front.

While the exact financial details of Eminem's earnings from the Fortnite live event are understandably shrouded in confidentiality, it's clear that virtual collaborations like the one between Epic Games and the Detroit rap icon could offer artists a multifaceted revenue stream, even allowing them to earn money over time.

As Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 further blurs the lines between music and gaming with a new music game mode coming to Chapter 5, events like the Eminem concert open doors for artists to showcase their talents to a larger audience while also reaping the financial rewards that come with these landmark collaborations.

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