How to play old Fortnite events in 2022

Previous Fortnite events can still be witnessed in 2022 (Image via Epic Games)
Previous Fortnite events can still be witnessed in 2022 (Image via Epic Games)

There have been many fantastic Fortnite events in the past four years. It all started with the 'Blast Off' event in Chapter 1 Season 4. The first chapter ended with 'The End' event, which caused the Black Hole to appear for almost two days.

Aside from Fortnite events that were related to the storyline, Epic Games has also released some collaboration events, such as Marshmello's and Travis Scott's concerts.

Fortunately, players can witness these previous Fortnite events in 2022. If you would like to rewatch some of the old events or catch up with some live events that you missed, follow the guide below to do so.

How to watch old Fortnite events at any time

The Retali8 community has released an amazing tool that allows you to watch any old Fortnite event whenever you want. The community is very active on Discord and keeps releasing fantastic mods for the game.

To start off, you have to download three things first:

  • Rift
  • .NET Core 3.1 SDK by Microsoft
  • EasyInstaller

Once you download these three programs, you will need to install the .NET Core 3.1 SDK first. After that, you will have to extract the Rift tool from the zip archive.


Finally, open EasyInstaller and choose the Fortnite version you want to download. All you need to do is locate the version you want and type in the number. For example, if you want the v10.40 update (Season X), you will have to type in 75.

Once the download process is done, open the Rift tool and point it to the download directory of the video game. After that, simply launch the game from the tool.

You will have to point the Rift tool to your Fortnite directory (Image via Sportskeeda)
You will have to point the Rift tool to your Fortnite directory (Image via Sportskeeda)

When you finally launch the video game, you will see the lobby screen. From this screen, press the F3 button and you will load into the game. Once you are in, open the console and type in the following script:

cheatscript StartEvent

Unfortunately, not all Fortnite events are working correctly. With some of them, such as 'The Device' event from Chapter 2 Season 2, you will have to type in the "destroyall lodactor" command in the console.

To open the console, press the quote/backtick (`) key.

Fortnite versions

Please keep in mind that the development team is still working on making the modding experience enjoyable for everyone, so you will most likely run into some issues while trying to watch the old events.

However, most of the events will work properly, and you will be able to enjoy them. If you need the exact version of the game that had your favorite Fortnite event, you can use a search engine to find it or check out this list of events:

  • Blast Off event (Rocket Launch) - v4.5
  • Kevin the Cube falling into Loot Lake - v5.41
  • The Butterfly - v6.21
  • The Final Showdown - v9.40
  • The End - v10.40
  • Travis Scott's Astronomical - v12.41
  • The Device - v12.61

Once you load into the game, you can change your in-game settings. This means that, besides watching old events, you will also be able to explore the map and visit your favorite places from the first two chapters.

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