Top 5 Fortnite live events of all time

Some of the best Fortnite live events of all time [Image via Sportskeeda]
Some of the best Fortnite live events of all time [Image via Sportskeeda]

Ever since Season 4, Epic Games has released a number of Fortnite live events, which have been quite successful for the game.

It all started in 2018 when The Visitor launched his rocket from the Snobby Shores. This was the beginning of a fantastic endeavor as Fortnite live events have become a must-watch.

Now, four years later, the game developer is still working on these live events. Unlike before, the events last much longer now and are interactive. There have been many fantastic Fortnite live events, but we will try to list five of them that were the best.

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Fortnite live events that have blown fan's minds

5) The Final Showdown

The Final Showdown event took place in Season 9 of Fortnite Battle Royale. This was a fight between Mecha, which was built at the Pressure Plant by Singularity, and the Polar Peak monster.

For the first time ever, Fortnite players witnessed a scary-looking monster that wanted to annihilate the world. Fortunately, Mecha ended up winning the fight, despite losing its arm.


While this Fortnite live event was not interactive, it was packed with action and the soundtrack was fantastic. Unfortunately, despite the huge fight between the monster and the robot, there was only one small map change after the event. Epic Games explained that this was done due to the Fortnite World Cup, which was scheduled to begin only a week after the live event.

4) The Device

The Device event was a live event that concluded Chapter 2, Season 2. This season is generally considered one of the best seasons in Fortnite history, and the event was the icing on the cake!

Midas activated the Doomsday Device, attempting to control the storm. The genius with the golden touch had a perfect plan, and just when it was about to be successful, he was stopped by The Imagined Order.

Instead of controlling the storm, Midas caused massive flooding all over the island. The storm, in fact, became a wall of water and had completely different mechanics.

The Device was one of the best Fortnite live events of all time [Image via Epic Games]
The Device was one of the best Fortnite live events of all time [Image via Epic Games]

The Device event was used to transition players from Season 2 to Season 3 of the second chapter as the next season had a flood theme.

What makes this event one of the best Fortnite live events ever is also the fact that we heard Jonesy talk for the first time. This is one of the most important characters in the history of the game and hearing him communicate with players was amazing.

3) Travis Scott's Astronomical

Travis Scott had his own Fortnite live event in 2020. While this was not a storyline-driven event, it was so amazing that it would be criminal to leave it off this list.

The event took place around two months before The Device event. Even with the coronavirus lockdown, Epic Games managed to release two of the greatest Fortnite live events in such a short period of time. While players have different tastes in music and some are not fans of Travis Scott, they mostly agree that the show was visually impressive.


Travis Scott was a giant in this Fortnite live event and he started it with one of his most popular songs, "Sicko Mode." Later on, the entire island was set on fire during his "Goosebumps" performance, with players also swimming underwater during the "Highest in the Room" segment.

The last song from the live event was The Scotts with Kid Cudi. At this point, players were floating in the air and they could even see the Chapter 1 map under them.

What makes this one of the best Fortnite live events is its overall execution. Not only was it visually impressive, but it also brought some huge things which were later added to the game, such as fire, giants, underwater swimming, and so on.

It was also one of the most popular Fortnite live events as it was watched by over 45 million players. Unlike the other events, it was shown five times so everyone could participate in it.

2) The End (Chapter 2)

Yes, Chapter 2 did have one of the most amazing Fortnite live events of all time. Its final event was especially amazing as it featured The Cube Queen and her intention to destroy the entire world.

Much like The Ice King back in Chapter 1, The Cube Queen was trapped in a sphere above the center of the map. She was preparing for a full-scale attack against the loopers in what turned out to be one of the most interesting Fortnite live events ever.

At the start of it, players were fighting Caretakers and other Cube monsters. However, they were quickly overrun and had to be saved by The Visitor and The Scientist, two important members of The Seven.

The End event of Chapter 2 was one of the most intense Fortnite live events of all time [Image via Epic Games]
The End event of Chapter 2 was one of the most intense Fortnite live events of all time [Image via Epic Games]

The two characters saved the players by opening the entrance to The Bridge. When this happened, players could also see a cut-scene with Dr. Slone and Agent Jones, and for the first time, it was officially revealed that The Foundation is played by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

The Seven thought that the players were safe at The Bridge, but they were soon attacked by The Caretaker. Due to this, players resurfaced above the water, witnessing the destiny of The Cube Queen.

The Seven managed to flip the entire island, defeating the villain and saving the world once again. Unfortunately, this flip caused massive flooding, which knocked players out.

What made this one of the best Fortnite live events of all time is the intensity players felt while watching it. The future of the island was uncertain, but fortunately, it was saved in the end. Furthermore, players can witness the creation of a new Fortnite map in real time.

1) The End (Chapter 1)

The original chapter-ending event was even more impressive than the one in Chapter 2. While the event wasn't interactive, it was amazing from start to finish.

This event served as a sequel to the Blast Off event, which was the first live event in Fortnite history.

The End event was all about the rockets launched by The Visitor and The Seven. They were flying all over the island, only to appear above Loot Lake and the Zero Point.


The rockets then led the huge meteor to the Zero Point, causing them to collide and creating a massive shockwave that sent players to the sky, far away from the island. In the final moments of Chapter 1, players could see the entire island get destroyed as everything was sucked into The Black Hole.

While The End was one of the most unforgettable Fortnite live events ever, what happened after it was also great. Epic Games performed a full blackout over their social media profiles and there was not a single word by the game developer for two days.

Players were stuck in The Black Hole screen not knowing what was going on. Two days later, the game was back with a new world.

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