5 Fortnite villains who left a long-lasting impact in the game

Midas was a formidable villain in Fortnite (Image via AddaM_idas/Twitter)
Midas was a formidable villain in Fortnite (Image via AddaM_idas/Twitter)

The world of Fortnite is rich and diverse, with characters of all types. Some lurk in the shadows waiting to strike, while others reveal themselves to Loopers, daring them to strike first. However, for the most part, the majority of these characters pose no serious threat to the island.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are a few villains who have nearly destroyed the island and everything Loopers hold dear. They have left a long-lasting impact on the game, and the repercussions of their actions can still be felt even today.

5 of the most memorable Fortnite villains so far

1) Ice King


Perhaps one of the most notable villains in Fortnite was the Ice King. He appeared out of thin air in Chapter 1 Season 7 and flash-froze the island. However, his reign was short-lived as during the battle between Cattus and Mecha, the castle which he occupied was blown up.

Given his power, it would be folly to think that he's dead, but after so many years, the chances seem slim. Perhaps one fine winter, he'll make a return and once more send a cold chill down the spines of Loopers in Chapter 3.

2) Gunnar


Although Gunnar is more of a brute than a villain in a true sense, he's one of the few characters to go toe-to-toe with The Foundation and survive. However, what makes him devious is his shrewd nature and combat prowess.

Despite his profligate behavior, he doesn't believe in cowering in his lair and letting others fight his battle. He gets in the thick of it and fights for his keep. Following the Chapter 3 Season 2 live event, it's unclear what has become of him. However, given his brutish disposition, he's likely alive and in hiding.

3) Cube Queen


The Cube Queen was one of the most powerful and corrupt villains in Fortnite. Hailing from The Last Reality dimension, her goal was to bring chaos and ruination to the island at any cost. Destroying all of reality was her only goal.

Even though she was defeated by The Seven, she's far from dead. Based on many theories and speculations, she's bidding her time underneath the waves, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Perhaps in the future season of Chapter 3, Kymera and The Queen will make a reappearance.

4) Midas


Although not a villain, Midas can be considered somewhat of an anti-hero. While his actions are not targeted toward hurting Loopers, he won't hesitate to do so if they get in his way. Nevertheless, to many, he was more of a messiah than anything else.

Although Donald Mustard has stated that Midas is alive and well, he hasn't been seen for over two years. It's anyone's guess as to when or where in the timeline of Fortnite he'll reappear. However, when he returns, he will have his revenge for sure.

5) Doctor Slone


Of all the villains that have graced Fortnite, Doctor Slone is the most hated of them all. From being the savior of the island to public enemy number one, her character arc saw a 180-degree turn. However, it cannot be denied that her actions in Chapter 2 Season 8 were the reason why the island was not completely abducted.

Despite her tank recently taking a beating from Mecha, she's likely alive and well somewhere on the island. With The Bloomwatcher now becoming the new antagonist, Slone has time to recover and reorganize her forces. It can be said without a doubt that the Imagined Order will once again begin their assault on the island soon.

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