Why Dr Slone is slowly becoming one of the most hated Fortnite characters of all time

Dr Slone could be the most hated character in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dr Slone could be the most hated character in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Epic Games introduced Dr Slone in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 to help save the island against The Last Reality. For most of the season, players believed that Slone was one of the good ones as she was helping defend the island from an alien threat.

Unfortunately, it wasn't until Dr Slone betrayed loopers during Operation: Sky Fire that they realized she's an evil person. The doctor, a member of the Imagined Order, had her ulterior motives. She was there to ensure that the Zero Point remained under IO's hold and didn't mind sacrificing the lives of gamers for it.

Since then, Slone's actions have only made her one of the most hated Fortnite characters ever. She tried to throw users under the bus when the Cube Queen threatened the island and now leads the war against The Seven and The Resistance.


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Dr Slone's journey in Fortnite so far

Agent Jones was the go-to guy for the Imagined Order in case of any trouble with the Zero Point and the Loop. However, it wasn't until Chapter 2 Season 6, when Jones turned his back on the Order, that the organization had to replace him with someone more loyal and stern.

It appears that Dr Slone is now in charge of carrying out and planning all of IO's evil intentions. She is charged with taking control of the Zero Point and ensuring that the Loop remains closed and no one escapes it.

On multiple occasions, Slone has taken steps that threaten the existence of loopers.


Slone has been an evil Mythic Boss for the last couple of seasons. She is always surrounded by IO Guards and is working on plans to keep the island under IO's control.

Since drilling through to the Flipside, Slone has been a constant nuisance for The Seven. According to leaks, she is now planning to launch a Doomsday device under Loot Lake.

Dr Slone is latest subject of Fortnite memes

The goal of Chapter 3 Season 2 is to defeat the IO and Dr Slone. Naturally, players have found humor in the entire situation and are making memes on how the latter was added to the game to get hate from all users.

Several memes are now making rounds on social media like Twitter and Reddit targeting Dr Slone.

Clearly, the most hated character in Fortnite is also the reason behind several funny memes. It will be interesting to see how long Dr Slone stays in the game or if the developers will introduce a character worse than her.

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