Fortnite X Marvel comics: Jonesy finds a strange portrait that makes him cry

Jonesy finds a strange portrait that makes him nostalgic (Image via Epic Games)
Jonesy finds a strange portrait that makes him nostalgic (Image via Epic Games)

In collaboration with Marvel, the creators of Fortnite have introduced a new five-issue comic book series called Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War. The creators dropped the first issue on June 8, 2022. Since then, the comic book has taken center stage in the Fortnite realm and is being enjoyed by readers and players alike.

The comic book explores the lore of Fortnite and the struggles of the Seven in their fight against the Imagined Order. While casting light on the heroic attempts of the Seven, the comic book traces the story of Spider-Man in this reality and their combined struggle to overthrow the Imagined Order.


While Spider-Man is in the limelight, he is supported by the Foundation, Agent Jones, and the Imagined. The story begins with Spider-Man trying to recruit Wolverine and convince him to come and join them in their fight against the Imagined Order. The rest of the story is a flashback.

What did Agent Jones from Fortnite stumble upon?


As the story progresses, four of our heroes are trying to get to the Bridge, the command center of the Imagined Order. Since Agent Jones was a former IO agent, he volunteers to help them trace their way to the Bridge. The squad traces their way towards the Bridge through waste ducts that empty into the ocean.

Upon reaching inside, they all start to traverse the dilapidated building when Agent Jones stumbles upon a room that happens to be his old office. Jones enters the room and picks up a photo frame. Upon looking at the photo frame, Jones gets nostalgic. While Jones is lost in the moment, the Foundation interrupts and asks Jones to come along. Jones replies, "You guys go ahead. I'll cover our backs."

The part where Jones gets nostalgic has the Fortnite community scratching their heads. People wanted to know what Jones saw in the photo frame that made him nostalgic. Since there is no mention of this point in the story anywhere further in the lore (at least in this issue), there is no proper answer to the question.

Perplexed by this, the community has started speculating on various scenarios that could have made Jones reminisce about the past. There was initial speculation that Agent Jones had a photograph of his family in the photo frame during the Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 live event.


During the event, players took notice of the photos on the wall, and from that emerged the conclusion that Jones had been in the loop for so long that he had to leave his family behind. This theory hasn't gathered any traction since nothing of the sort has been disclosed about Jones as of yet. Other speculations say that the picture was of Ramirez, another character from Fortnite.

People think there is a connection between Jones and Ramirez. While some paint them as lovers, others think that both of them belong to a diierent realm where they are in some sort of a relationship. A large section of the public believes that Ramirez and Jones are both from the Save the World reality, and that's why Jones gets nostalgic upon seeing a picture of Ramirez, which serves as a reminder of his reality and what he has lost.

According to old lore, Save the World is the actual reality and the loop is just a training session for what's occouring in reality. This seems a bit confusing, with elements from different realities and no concrete evidence to base the facts upon.

Until the next issue drops, there will be no satisfactory answer to what Jones was looking at. This might evolve into a story of its own, or maybe it will never be revealed. For now, it's all just speculation.

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