Fortnite concept art reveals every member of 'The Seven' 

Concept art for The Seven (Image via T5G on Twitter)
Concept art for The Seven (Image via T5G on Twitter)

The Seven has always been a mysterious organization in Fortnite. However, thanks to the recent appearance of The Foundation, they've moved one step closer to the limelight. Several NPCs, including The Scientist, have made appearances on the island, working with players to stop the Imagined Order.

There are, of course, seven total members in the group, many of whom have not yet been seen. Paradigm was one of the prominent members of The Seven, though she has been absent for a long time. Additionally, her return remains up in the air.

Other members have not been seen at all, but a new concept art shows what the rest of The Seven might look like.

Fortnite concept artist creates the full roster of The Seven

The concept, courtesy of Top 5 Gaming, showcases all members of The Seven in a lineup, including The Foundation, The Scientist, The Visitor and Paradigm, all of whom have been part of Fortnite before.

Introducing: The SEVENWe thought we’d make our own version since Fortnite are taking so long 🙏

As for the other three, only one has a design rooted in what she may potentially look like. One of the Sisters, the second from the right with red hair, may have been shown on the cover of a comic.

The Fortnite x Marvel comic run releasing this summer has Spider-Man, Wolverine, Shuri, and two unnamed Fortnite characters on the cover. There are speculations that the female character is one of the Sisters, though there is no official confirmation on the same.

New Fortnite X Marvel comic drops in June!(Thanks to @h33pstruniverse for telling me!)

The red-head looks similar to her supposed sister, located on the far right of the concept art.

The final member of The Seven has a simple design incorporating all the elements present in the other members: cool armor, face mask with a red design on the front, and weapons.

The Seven (Image via Epic Games)
The Seven (Image via Epic Games)

It is worth mentioning that the concept art is based purely on speculation, and players should take the designs with a pinch of salt. The rest of The Seven have yet to be revealed.

In fact, all three speculative designs here could be completely wrong, but Epic Games will eventually release what they look like and either confirm or deny the circulating theories.

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