5 ways Marvel collabs are ruining Fortnite (& 5 ways it benefits the game)

Marvel collabs are one of the most hyped collabs in-game (Image via Epic Games)
Marvel collabs are one of the most hyped collabs in-game (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite is known for its wide range of collaborations from different franchises and universes. It lives up to its name as being called the inter-dimensional multiverse island that connects these universes through the power of Zero Point. Fortnite collaborations were introduced into the game from OG Season 4.

It started with collaborations between the NFL and music artists like Marshmellow joining the universe. This introduced the concept of interdimensional travel in Fortnite connected to the real world. As of now, collaborations have become very frequent, with almost all new cosmetics, game-modes, and even items being added featuring another universe.

The most collaborated franchise on the looped island is undoubtedly Marvel. An entire season was also dedicated to the franchise and had a major contribution to the overall storyline of the game. But that came with both positive and negative feedback from the player base.

5 ways Marvel collabs are ruining Fortnite

1) Too much in number


Marvel collaborations did take over the community with loads of skins and items that were added in-game. But there was a backlash, as Marvel skins weren't considered rare or unique as more skins kept launching in the item shop.

2) Poor design of characters


Marvel characters are not only known for their skills in combat and personality but also the costumes and suits they inherit. It is necessary for Fortnite to either match the original suits used in movies or comics to their absolute best for its presentation. This key element was missing where some skins had a good design, but others didn't look worth the V-Bucks.

3) Overpriced


Certain bundles and cosmetics require V-Bucks that are not considered up to the mark with the skin. Some bundles are way overpriced for the majority of the community and are considered unworthy.

4) Overshadowing other collabs


There are a number of Fortnite collaborations on display in the item shop, but also in-game items like Mythics, live events, and even game-modes. Due to this, other collabs are outcast and overshined with the boasting presentation made by the franchise in-game.

5) Fortnite is losing originality


The player community speculates that Fortnite is losing its originality in-game. In the earlier seasons, most outfits and items were designed by Fortnite and some of them contributed to the storyline itself. Major collaborations from different franchises overshadowed the effort made on original skins by the creators of these skins.

5 ways it benefits the game

1) Mythic items


Mythic Items are a fun way to experience the game. These Mythic items are either available through chests or can be grabbed from the Mythic Boss. It can be used for both fun and combat advantage.

2) Interactive live events


The Marvel collaboration back in Chapter 2 Season 4 Live Event against Galactus was a show that no one could miss. Not only did loopers see their favorite superheroes fight, but they were also given the opportunity to fight the big bad villain.

3) Diversity in superheroes and villains


Marvel did not discriminate against the diversity in skins between superheroes and villains. The balance between the two was almost on point, with various anti-heroes also joining in on the action, such as Deadpool and Venom.

4) Pay to win skins


Skins like Groot were mostly Pay-to-Win, where players would camouflage themselves in front of trees and get away with it. Even Mystique's built-in emote lets loopers disguise into their opponent's outfit for a while to trick their enemies.

5) Marvel fan service


The best thing about the collaboration was the pure fan service the game provided, where the players' favorite superheroes were able to join the universe and play with them. The community with great devotion to the Marvel franchise was also happy with this addition and is excited to see more of it.

Note: The article reflects the writer's own views.

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