3 ways the Zero Point in Fortnite is a curse (& 3 ways its a blessing)

The Reality Tree is powered by the waters flowing over the Zero Point in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
The Reality Tree is powered by the waters flowing over the Zero Point in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Everything that happens on the Fortnite island is because of the Zero Point. No one knows where it came from or how it came into being. This object is a giant glowing ball of energy that doubles up as a portal to different realities in the game's universe.

That said, the Zero Point has been an object of desire for the power-hungry. The Imagined Order wishes to control it for their benefit, while The Seven, led by The Foundation, tries to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

Overall, the entire Fortnite storyline revolves around this big glowing orb. And just like everything, the Zero Point has two sides to it. In some situations, it can be a blessing, while in others, it can be a curse.

Why Zero Point is a poison chalice in Fortnite

1) Everyone wants to control it


The Zero Point is a source of unlimited energy, so it's not surprising to see everyone wanting to control it. The IO has waged countless campaigns to keep it in their control and has managed to do so with minimal success.

However, thanks to their expeditions, the island's inhabitants have suffered significant losses every time. The Fortnite island has been destroyed twice, and there were lots of losses in terms of life and property. But no one seems to be talking about that.

2) Its prison


The Zero Point is a prison of sorts because the Imagined Order uses it to maintain the loop.

An energy barrier surrounds the island that the Zero Point is on. No one can leave this barrier unless they use some technologically advanced and complicated methods.

This loop resets every 22 minutes, bringing the dead back to life. Sadly enough, whoever is stuck in this loop cannot talk and has their memory wiped every time it resets.

3) Weapon of mass destruction


As mentioned before, the Zero Point is a massive ball of energy. And whenever this energy is tampered with, the fallout is dangerous.

Midas, one of the famous characters in Fortnite lore, harnessed the Zero Point's energy to power The Device. Using it, he managed to escape the loop, but the island bore its brunt.

The Zero Point was also tampered with during Season X in Chapter 1, and it ended up creating a black hole that sucked in the entire island. The Zero Point in Fortnite has also been a beacon to various otherworldly beings.

The aliens came to the island to capture it. So did the Cube Queen and her minions. Raz also deserves mention here.

Keeping all this in mind, the Zero Point in Fortnite is indeed a curse for the island. However, it does have some positive sides too.

Zero Point being great for Fortnite

1) Portal to other dimensions


As mentioned before, the Zero Point is a portal to other realities. The Imagined Order has been traveling to all these realities, trying to introduce order in them.

But everyone knows that the IO is up to no good. Given that anyone can make their way through the Zero Point, The Seven have used it to travel through multiple realities to stop the IO in their tracks.

Moreover, thanks to the Zero Point, rifts can be opened up on the island, making travel very easy and less hectic, that is, if everyone likes dropping out of the sky like rain.

2) Source of infinite energy


If harnessed properly, the Zero Point can be an unlimited energy source. However, no one has been able to harness it properly. There was one time when the inhabitants of the island tried to harness it to power up the Neo Tilted Towers in Fortnite.

They did succeed for a short amount of time, but it was destroyed later on by a volcano. The Bridge that connects the Zero Point to different realities also uses this ball of energy as its source of power.

3) Zero Point can heal


The Zero Point may be notorious for many reasons, but it also possesses healing abilities. When severely damaged, the Zero Point turns into something known as the Reality Bloom, shaped like a lotus.

This mass of energy can not only heal itself but also its surroundings. As seen in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, a new POI has come up and is known as Reality Falls.

There's a colossal Reality Tree right in the middle of this location. The Zero Point is now underwater at a site called The Glow in Fortnite. Water from this area reaches the Reality Falls and is responsible for all the flora growing there. This flora could also be healing the island.

Note: The article is based on the writer's opinions.

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