Fortnite finally sheds light on the origins of Devourer and Ice King's legacy

Fortnite finally sheds light upon the origin of the Devourer and the Ice king (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite finally sheds light upon the origin of the Devourer and the Ice king (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War is all hype right now, and it's justified. Readers of the comic book will certainly enjoy it as they navigate a lore parallel to that of Fortnite.

The first issue casts a light upon different events across the Fortnite timeline. Readers are stumbling upon revelations that fill the glaring holes in the plot of Fortnite lore.

The Fortnite community is engaged in decyphering and dissecting events to weave together a storyline that explains all the lore. As a result of the combined efforts of the community, a major section of the lore has become clear. Instead of speculation, it now rests upon evidence and truth.

Here's the Fortnite X Marvel Zero War Comic for those who want to read it :)

The same is the case for Ice King and the Devourer. The comic book has shed some light upon what could possibly be the origin of the Ice King and Polar Peak. Most players are aware of the lore of the Polar Peak, but for those who aren't, here's a short back story.

Exploring the truth behind the Polar Peak and the Devourer in Fortnite

Added to the Fortnite map in Chapter 1 Season 7, Polar Peak was a large iceberg with a castle at the top. During the Unvaulting event, a nearby located volcano erupted and coughed up a large volcanic rock that cracked the Polar Peak.


With the advent of Season 9, the iceberg started to crack even more, and soon started rumbling occasionally. Later, a giant eye was seen inside the iceberg. Later, the iceberg collapsed and the eye vanished, leaving behind some crude footprints in the snow.

A few days later, the castle on top of the Polar Peak was spotted in the waters south of the island. The castle was being carried on the back of a monster and the eye that was inside the iceberg was a monster named the Devourer.

As time progressed, the Paradigm, a member of The Seven started building a Mecha Robot to protect the island from the monster. Time progressed and the Robot was ready.

In an epic battle between the Mecha and the Devourer, the former emerged victorious. Mecha lost an arm and had to harness the power of the Zero Point to defeat the beast.

After defeating it, The Mecha, piloted by the Paradigm, took off, with nowhere to be seen. Here's a part from the comic book that explains what happened after.


According to the comic book, the Origin, another member of the Seven traced Mecha's flight path, which had crash-landed on the moon orbiting the island. There, the Origin revealed that the Monster came from an icy stretch of land that was part of the moon. A fragment of it broke from the moon and fell onto the island.

The story then went on to trace the Paradigm, and the Seven's attempt to visit the moon and use the Mecha to fight the current day's Imagined Order, which players saw in the latest Fortnite live event. The story went around a complete circle, connecting all the dots.

The community had mixed reactions to the lore. While some players were happy that the story filled the gaps, others felt that it was forceful backtracking. One thing is for sure, the comic book does explain the origin of the Polar Peak and the Monster. In later issues, readers might get to know about the origins if the Ice King.

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