How to redeem Fortnitemares 2021 rewards for free in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Fortnitemares 2021 will have loads of free rewards as well (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnitemares 2021 will have loads of free rewards as well (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnitemares 2021 will be entering its third week and there are still a lot of free rewards up for grabs. The recent Fortnite 18.20 update brought some cool new items and cosmetics and now it looks like more things are on the way.

Several prominent Fortnite leakers and data miners have now confirmed that Epic will be giving out free items to players in the game. Here is what you need to know about all the Fortnitemares 2021 free rewards in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8.

Fortnite Season 8 - Everything you need to know about free rewards in Fortnitemares 2021

A while back, HYPEX leaked some crucial intel about all the free items players might be getting in Fortnitemares 2021. As per the leaker, the developers have planned some interesting rewards for players this Halloween. You can check out his tweet below.

FREE FORTNITEMARES REWARDS! (Their challenges will be added in one of the next 2 updates & maybe more rewards)

The tweet states that a new glider called Cube Cruiser, a Batty wrap, a 'Wrathful Breakout' sky diving trail, and an 'All-Weather Extractor' pickaxe will be given to players for free. There will also be an All-Weather Extractor Pickaxe (Brite Style) on offer.

Apart from this, players can even obtain Spray Matter spray, Raven's Curse spray, Thinking Juice Back Bling and Cube Cruiser Glider for free this Fortnitemares.

In a recent tweet, iFireMonkey states that all of these items will be free rewards during Fortnitemares 2021 and will be added to the Fortnite 18.21 update. The leaker even says that players can get the new update next week.

The following cosmetics are set to be free rewards during Fortnitemares 2021 challenges which should be added in v18.21 (next week)

A new Stream Elements overlay has now been added to Fortnite Season 8. The timer is a count down to the upcoming Fortnite 18.21 update. As per the countdown the timer will end on October 19th at 4 AM Eastern Time. So players can expect the new update with all these free rewards added to Fortnitemares 2021.

The Stream Elements overlay is now counting down to v18.21 (October 19th @ 4 AM Eastern Time)Image VIA @Merl

With this update, Epic might add the respective challenges for each item and even have some surprise cosmetics for players. Players can complete all the challenges to redeem the free rewards mentioned above in this article.

Fortnitemares 2021 is off to a great start and the developers do not want to lose any momentum.

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