How to use the sliding mechanic in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Fortnite's sliding mechanic will change the game forever and gives players various new mobility options (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite's sliding mechanic will change the game forever and gives players various new mobility options (Image via Epic Games)
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Along with tons of brand new content in Fortnite's Chapter 3, players received a game-changing feature that allows them to slide across the terrain. Sliding has been hinted at for a while now, giving players high hopes for Chapter 3 in terms of different gameplay.

Sliding can change the way combat and mobility work, adding a completely new layer of movement and skill-based mechanics. Crazy takedowns and quick getaways are now even easier to pull off with the addition of sliding in Fortnite's Chapter 3. The addition of sliding finally brings Fortnite up to par with its contemporaries like Apex Legends and Warzone.

Sliding in Fortnite offers new mobility options for the start of Chapter 3

To slip and slide across the Fortnite map in Chapter 3 Season 1, players need to hold down the crouch button while sprinting. On flat terrain, they'll slide for a short bit, but on a slope, they can slide to the bottom.


Additionally, players will be able to fire their weapons and build while sliding, opening the door for never-before-seen actions in a fight. Sliding will also help with a quick getaway on a hill, shrinking the player's hitbox like crouching does but keeping a steady speed as if they were running.

Players can use sliding to build on the go and edit a path to an enemy structure without having to focus on running.

Usually, players are penalized while sprinting by having incredibly reduced accuracy. However, while sliding, they'll maintain a similar accuracy as if they were crouching.

NEW MECHANICS | ChapterLeak"Sliding" will finally be added as a CORE mechanic, and web-swinging will also be added as a part of the Spider-Man collaboration!

This allows pinpoint shots and a steady stream of covering fire while moving, something players haven't been able to pull off yet. Skilled and professional gamers should be able to exploit sliding to their advantage and pull off insane maneuvers in every Fortnite match.

The skill ceiling for Fortnite has just been raised, allowing creative and talented players to slide their way to victory.

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