Is Aim Assist stronger on PC in Fortnite? Console and PC difference, explained

Aim Assist uses AI to map hit-boxes. (Image via Epic Games.)
Aim Assist uses AI to map hit-boxes. (Image via Epic Games.)

There has always been contention as to which platform is best to play Fortnite. PC or console? While there is no concrete proof that substantiates any claims, the discord continues.

The Aim Assist feature in Fortnite has always been the epicenter of variance. Many console owners feel that PC players have an advantage over them and vice versa. The game offers uniform gameplay across different mediums. However, to compensate for the handicaps, some machines have exclusive features.

For the unversed, Aim Assist is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered feature in video games that allows players to aim better. This is achieved by snapping the crosshairs closer to the hitboxes.

Aim Assist is generally incorporated with ADS (Aim Down Sight). Fortnite offers players the option to toggle Aim Assist as per their needs.

Fortnite players can adjust Aim Assist sensitivity as per their need


Fortnite's Aim Assist is not stronger on PC. In fact, players on PC don't have the option to use this feature. Aim Assist is in place to bridge the gap between the mouse and the thumbstick. By design, it is easier to aim with a mouse than a controller.

Aim Assist is used to bridge this gap. PvP video games have been using this technology to level the playing field. The majority of video game developers are aware that most players don't always rely on this feature. To accommodate this, most video games come with a switchable Aim Assist.

Fortnite is one such game. Players can adjust the sensitivity of the feature according to their gameplay. It is fairly accessible and can be tweaked easily. Players should note that Aim Assist also works on a PC in case an individual is using a controller to play the game.

Fortnite Aim Assist on pc

Of late, players have been using a keyboard and mouse to play Fortnite on Xbox. As of now, there's no information if this scenario is included within the parameters of the feature. However, building upon the purpose of the Aim Assist, one can infer that it probably won't apply to the aforementioned case.

While there's no provision for PC players (keyboard and mouse) to employ Aim Assist in the game, there are a few third-party peripherals that can be used to achieve improved results. Cronus Zen is one such hardware. Many use this device to gain an advantage over other players.

Starting this season, players who use restricted devices that provide, or are intended to provide, a competitive advantage may receive an in-game warning.Restricted devices include but are not limited to Cronus Zen and Cronus Max.For more information:…

Devices like Cronus Zen are the bane of players' lives. Thankfully, with the start of Chapter 3 Season 4, Epic Games has finally restricted the use of Cronus Zen, Cronus Max and other similar devices.

How to Enable/Disable Aim Assist

Since employing Aim Assist can be beneficial for those who use a controller, they can follow these easy steps to adjust it:

  • Launch the game
  • Navigate to Settings inside the drawer menu in the lobby
  • Under Settings, navigate to Controller Options
  • Inside it navigate to Sensitivity and set Advanced Option to On
  • Adjust the Aim Assist Strength according to your preference.

Players can execute these steps and test the waters before coming to a decision.

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