Is Fortnite collaborating with Pokemon? Viral tweet debunked

Pokemon remains one of the most anticipated Fortnite collaborations. (Image via Youtube/Ali-A)
Pokemon is one of the most anticipated Fortnite collaborations (Image via Youtube/Ali-A)

Now that Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is approaching its conclusion, the community is once again abuzz with speculations about upcoming collaborations. While there are numerous theories, a particularly new one has garnered significant traction.

According to a viral tweet, a Fortnite x Pokemon collab might occur in the near future. This claim is based on a screenshot from the video game Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet, where a Fortnite special edition Nintendo Switch can be seen. Besides this, there is no other information to substantiate this Twitter user's claim.


The Pokemon franchise enjoys a global fan following, and happens to be one of the most anticipated collaborations. Since the release of Fortnite's very first collab, players have been requesting for a Pokemon crossover. Till date, nothing solid has materialized. However, Epic Games' recent foray into anime franchises does bear a positive connotation.

Fortnite x Pokemon is still a distant dream

Twitter user @Kaydefi recently shared a post that allegedly hints at an upcoming Pokemon collaboration with Fortnite. In the post, they shared a screenshot from the popular open-world RPG Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet. The screenshot shows a Nintendo Switch console that looks similar to the Fortnite-inspired Nintendo Switch.

For the uniniitated, Nintendo previously released a Fortnite-inspired Switch console that comes with joycon colors inspired by the battle royale game. This particular livery is what the Twitter user used to substantiate their claim as the Switch console depicted in the screenshot looks rather similar to the special edition Switch.

While this did make the tweet go viral, it was swiftly debunked. Players were quick to discover that users can modify the color of the joycons in-game. They can mix and match different colors of joycons that exist in real life. With this information out in the open, many were disheartened about the claim being false.

While this incident highlights the popularity of the Pokemon franchise, it also sheds light on how Epic Games' usual trend of hiding clues and Easter eggs in plain sight has greatly influenced Fortnite players.

Will there ever be a Pokemon collab?

Although this recent claim wasn't legit, one cannot completely ignore the possibility of a Pokemon collaboration. Epic Games' recent ventures with popular anime franchises like Naruto and Dragon Ball have certainly initiated a dialog in a positive direction. At this point, the developers have definitely realized the massive popularity of anime within their playerbase.


The Dragon Ball collab from Chapter 3 Season 3 is a clear testament to this fact, as the crossover was one of the most successful collabs till date. According to many fans, it revived the game's popularity and was a major financial success.

Being a truly global franchise, the popularity of Pokemon is certainly at par with Naruto and Dragon Ball. While the developers haven't hinted at anything particular about a potential collab, they are certainly aware of the franchise's popularity and how eagerly their players are waiting for it.

With Chapter 3 Season 4 ending in just a few days, players will either witness a brand new tangent or a new beginning in the game's lore.

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