Is Fortnite Mobile (iOS) gone forever? Apple vs Epic Games lawsuit verdict explained

Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit verdict explained (Image via Macworld)
Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit verdict explained (Image via Macworld)

Fortnite developer Epic Games recently suffered a crushing defeat in its anti-trust lawsuit against tech giant Apple. Although Epic did manage to get a win for all the developers on the Apple Store, it did not get any relief on the Fortnite front.

According to the Apple vs Epic Games lawsuit verdict by Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, Apple won the lawsuit as the district court gave a favorable ruling on all counts and decided that it wasn't obligated to allow Fortnite back on the App Store.

This left many fans wondering whether Fortnite Mobile (iOS) will be gone forever. Fortunately, Epic Games might have lost the lawsuit, but it still has hopes of getting Fortnite back on Apple devices.

What does the Apple vs Epic Games verdict mean for Fortnite Mobile (iOS)?

Epic Games is said to have won something from the lawsuit because due to Epic's actions, the court demanded that Apple allow developers to advertise their own payment methods and use them for in-app purchases.

Unfortunately, the court still held that Epic's move to introduce a workaround to avoid the 30% commission on Apple's App Store was in bad faith and was certainly a breach of contract.

Ultimately, to answer the question of whether Fortnite Mobile (iOS) will be is gone forever, unless and until Epic Games agrees to all the terms that were initially laid down by Apple when the game was launched for iOS, Fornite will not be seen on the App Store.

Epic CEO answers the question of 'is Fortnite mobile gone forever?'

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeny was certainly disheartened after his company lost the court case against Apple. However, he still hasn't lost faith and claims that he will ensure Fortnite Mobile (iOS) returns soon.

Tim mentioned in a tweet after hearing the verdict that Fortnite will return to the App Store:

According to Tim, Epic offering in-app payment in fair competition with Apple's in-app payment, is the only condition on which the Fortnite developers are going to settle. Hopefully, the two companies can resolve their disputes so that millions of fans can once again see Fortnite on Mobile (iOS).

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