Kevin the Cube & friends might return in Fortnite Chapter 3, insider leak shows

Fortnite Chapter 3 might see the return of Kevin the Cube (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite Chapter 3 might see the return of Kevin the Cube (Image via Sportskeeda)
Shubhendu Vatsa

After dominating the entirety of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, it seems Kevin the Cube and company are not done just yet. The mysterious purple cube has been a significant storyline character, and before last season, players had no clue about its powers or strength.

While the Foundation and the Seven saved the day and helped defeat Cube Queen, it seems like Epic Games doesn't want loopers to forget Kevin the Cube.

New leaks suggest that the cubes might come back sometime during Fortnite Chapter 3. This latest leak is interesting in many ways, and if the cubes do make a return, it will open up new horizons for the Fortnite storyline.

Fresh leaks hint at imminent return of Kevin the Cube and friends in Fortnite Chapter 3

Due to the sheer number of cubes, it's tough to eliminate or get rid of every single one of them. So it may be possible that many cubes might have survived the island flipping or been buried deep beneath it.

You can probably expect the cube to return sometime this chapter. The cube will continue to have a storyline in fortnite. Please not that this is only a theory

A fresh leak has sparked conversations about the whereabouts of Kevin the Cube and the others, hinting that the cubes might return to Fortnite Chapter 3.

In a recent tweet by FNCubeWatch on Twitter, the leaker said users could "probably expect the cube to return sometime this chapter". While there's no mention of the timeline, bringing the cubes back later makes more sense.

The tweet further stated that Kevin the Cube and all the other cubes will still have their own storyline in Fortnite. However, FNCubeWatch also mentioned that this is just a theory.

The cubes are undoubtedly among the most potent and world-ending objects in Fortnite, and there is a chance that they are still around.

Earlier, a Fortnite insider had prophesied the return of cubes during Chapter 2 Season 8 on Reddit. This insider was later revealed to be none other than the popular data miner, HYPEX.

If that is true, fans are wondering if the Cube Queen will also be back to take over and destroy the island?

While the answers are unknown yet, Epic is known for its massive and dramatic changes to the Fortnite storyline. Hence, it won't be too long before the developer brings the cubes back, if that is the plan.

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