Klombo's return in Fortnite is all but confirmed after new leak

Klombo may return to Fortnite soon (Image via Epic Games)
Klombo may return to Fortnite soon (Image via Epic Games)

Last season, Fortnite introduced a new form of wildlife, which was unlike any of the existing creatures like crows, chickens, raptors, boars or wolves. Klombo was the name of this massive dinosaur-like creature, who instantly became a fan favorite. The highlight of Klombo was that it could shoot out weapons once players fed it Klomberries.

Tragically, all Klombos were vaulted at the beginning of Chapter 3 Season 2. No lumbering dinosaurs were found anywhere on the slightly new map. This disappointed many players who were hopeful about a return for the friendly beast.


However, a new leak seems to suggest that those players will be happy to know that Klombo is returning. A few things uncovered in the game files point towards the same.

Klombo is likely coming back in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

The leak from iFireMonkey, one of the most reliable sources in the Fortnite leaker community, stated that there are secret Klombo-related challenges in the files that should be live in a future update (the v20.20 update is scheduled for Tuesday).

We should have more Secret Klombo challenges added in a future update.This update while we only got the secret Snow Mound challenges, Epic Games did add data for 3 Klombo Sand Mounds and 3 Klombo Dirt Mounds.

He also noted that the developers added data for Klombo sand and dirt mounds, the location presumably being where they will spawn or where they will be initially found after returning to the island.

Last season, POI Tilted Towers was under snow and ice, gradually melting over the course of the season. Perhaps the Klombos also went into hibernation under the snow.

• 3 Klombo hibernation mounds can be found just North of Logjam. One near the roadside, one up the mountain and one on the shore. If you visit all 3 you complete a secret quest for 10,000 XP.Thanks, @iFireMonkey for letting me know it's secretly live!

These look almost exactly like the holes in the ground that housed Klombos in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. The dinosaurs were a late addition to the game last season and will likely follow the same path this time.

There is also a bit of speculation as to what role they will play. Last season, a full set of milestones were added for Klombos, something that might happen this season, too. Many players hope that the beasts will fight the IO, with gamers using them during the live event to help The Seven.

Klombo sized holes (Image via Epic Games)
Klombo sized holes (Image via Epic Games)

Regardless of whatever happens to them, Fortnite loopers will certainly be happy to see their favorite dinosaur return to the game if that does indeed happen.

Note: This information is based on leaks and has not been confirmed. Until Epic Games releases anything on Klombos, this is all speculative information.

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